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NACAS South Proposed Slate of Officers

Officers for 2019-2020

The Nominating Committee of NACAS South is pleased to submit the following slate of officers for the upcoming 2019-2020 Board of Directors.  The slate will be presented for a vote of the membership at the Annual Business Meeting in Dallas, TX on April 5-8, 2020.

  • President: Glenn Loughridge, Auburn University
  • President Elect: Felecia Townsend, Florida International University
  • Immediate Past President: Brett Jackson, CASP, University of Georgia
  • Treasurer: Cary Wilkerson, CASP, University of Texas at Arlington (year 2 of 3-year term)
  • Secretary: Cindy McClanahan, CASP, Georgia College (year 2 of 2-year term)
  • Rep to the National Board: Jackson “Andy” Meeks, Northern Kentucky University (year 1 of 3-year term)

Coordinator positions are appointed by the NACAS South Board and will be announced at the Annual Business Meeting.

  • Conference Coordinator: Carrie Charley, CASP, Stephen F. Austin State University (year 2 of 3-year term)
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Rick Torres, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (year 4 of 3-year term)
  • Publications and Technology Coordinator: Derrick Davis (year 2 of 2-year term)

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NACAS South 2018 Conference Presentations

Keynote Session
Dr. Sherene McHenry

Education Sessions
A1: Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery at the U! It’s a Team Effort
A2: Strengthening Fall Move-In through Campus Collaborations
A3: Collaborating Across Campus to Achieve Unforgettable Results: UAB Business and Auxiliary Services
and the Return of UAB Football

B1: Implementing On-Demand Transportation
B2: When We Enhance Our Services, We Enhance the Student Experience
B3: Amplify the Transformation of Campus Retail

C1: A case study on making change through collaboration between business services, student affairs and
C2: Dashboarding Success
C3: The Power of Presentation – Take Your Skills to the Next Level

D1: Optimize Retail Dining for ROI, Student Engagement, Recruitment and Latest Trend
D2: Communicating through Crisis: Lessons Learned from a Norovirus Outbreak
D3: Operation Move-In

E1: Florida State University’s Collaborative Response to Hurricane Irma
E2: Building Concerted Human Resource Solutions
E3: Institutional Effectiveness: Build Bridges and Collaborate

F1: Super Size Your Impact: Savvy Strategies For Broadening Your Bandwidth
F2: Embracing the Collaborative Spirit at UGA
F3: This Brand is Your Brand: How to Strengthen Recruitment & Retention through Branding and

G1: Ethical Behavior: More Than 50 Shades of Grey
G2: Hawk Wheels Bike Share Program at UNC Wilmington with Gotcha Bike
G3: Information Sharing, Benchmarking and Collaboration to Help Each Other and Help Ourselves

H1: Getting Back to our Roots: The Story of Auburn Foods
H2: License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and how we moved into a virtual parking permit system
H3: Affordability and the Changing Views of Auxiliary Services