Hassmiller CASP Scholarship

The NACAS Foundation is pleased to sponsor the Hassmiller CASP Scholarship. In his final months as the NACAS CEO, Dr. Bob Hassmiller generously donated funds that will provide scholarship opportunities for worthy CASP candidates. The Hassmiller CASP Scholarship is Dr. Bob’s acknowledgment and appreciation of the NACAS membership for ten wonderful years as the CEO. This scholarship opportunity also acknowledges the difficult financial time for higher education and the importance of CASP to the future of higher education.


Approved applicants will receive $650 to cover the cost of the application fee OR travel costs associated with taking the exam.

Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the Hassmiller CASP Scholarship, you must meet the listed criteria:

  1. Apply for the scholarship by June 24
  2. Submit CASP application by September 14
  3. Employed currently at a higher education institution
  4. Sit for the CASP exam within one year of applying for the scholarship.
  5. Pay the full member application fee of $650 from your own personal funds.
  6. Will not be reimbursed by their institution for the costs being covered by the award.


Your application will be evaluated your ability to meet the scholarship criteria and your essay response to the following question: How would achieving the designation of CASP support you in your career development?


Scholarship application deadline is June 24.
Disbursements will occur within 30 business days after the winner has been notified of acceptance (and the applicant must sit for the exam before receiving scholarship funds).