NACAS Committee Leaders

As a volunteer-driven association, NACAS relies heavily on the expertise and time of those who serve on standing committees. Much of the work is accomplished via monthly conference calls. Learn more about each committee and its responsibilities below.

National Standing and Advisory Committee Chair Responsibilities

Planning: Consult with the NACAS staff and committee members in planning the committee’s activities to achieve established objectives. The entire program of work should be thoroughly reviewed to establish committee assignments.

Conducting Meetings: Directs the committee in reviewing and achieving the committee objectives. Chairs stimulate group thinking, encourage and channel discussion, weigh the value of expressed ideals and suggestions, summarize constructive suggestions, and seek decisions.

Maintaining Records and Information: Ensures that accurate minutes are kept, motions recorded, necessary reports prepared, and a record of committee work maintained. In addition, chair must remain constantly informed of the progress of individual committee members’ assignments.

Getting Action: Motivates members toward active participation and involvement in committee activities. Within broad objectives, chairs must channel the interests and talents of individual committee members into productive efforts and ensure necessary follow-up.

Evaluating Results: Continually reviews and evaluates procedures, the committee’s activities and progress, and the individual members’ assignments and responsibilities.

Board Liaison: The CCC Chair represents the NACAS Board of Directors as the official link on all standing committees. The Board will appoint liaisons to committees and task forces when appropriate.

Committee Chair Council: Participates in scheduled interactions with other committee chairs in order to enhance intra-committee communication. The Vice President will act as facilitator.

C3X Annual Conference & Expo Committee

Type: National Standing Committee

Positions: Membership shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, NACAS Board of Directors Vice President/President Elect, Professional Development representative, Membership representative, Business Partner representative, and four At-large members. Representation from every region is required.

Responsibilities: When the program is approved by the Board of Directors, the Committee shall be responsible for its implementation prior to and at the Annual Conference.

The Committee shall ensure professional development and networking opportunities for members through inclusivity and value-driven programing.

The Committee shall plan and execute pre-conference promotion, general sessions, education, campus tours, evening events, the service project and the volunteer program. The Committee shall also recommend sponsors to underwrite certain Annual Conference expenses. The Committee shall meet at the Annual Conference site once a year. Travel expenses will be paid according to the travel policy.

Length of term: Two years

Awards Committee

Type: National Advisory

Purpose/Length of Term: The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting and recommending to the Board of Directors qualified recipients for all current national awards. If requested, the Committee will assist other committees with awards they sponsor. The length of term is 3 years.

Composition: The Committee shall consist of nine members: two from each region, plus a Chairperson. The national office will designate a staff member to support the Committee.

Responsibilities/Specific Tasks: 

The Awards Committee will:

  • Work with the NACAS National office to develop an annual timeline for publicizing the call for nominations.
  • Work with regional presidents and the membership-at-large to solicit nominations for national awards.
  • Determine the yearly nominations deadline based on the current year’s NACAS Board of Director’s summer meeting and the NACAS Annual Conference.
  • Review all awards nominations and prepare a proposed list of worthy award recipients.
  • Upon approval of the Board, request the NACAS National office to prepare the appropriate awards for presentation at the national meeting.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors to add, delete or consolidate the awards presented by the association.
  • Conduct its business by telephone and email throughout the year. Should a quorum of Committee members attend the National Conference, an in-person meeting may be held during the conference.

Canadian Committee

Positions: The committee shall consist of a Chair, four (4) Canadian reps from NACAS East, three (3) Canadian reps from NACAS West, and 2 members at large, that may come from NACAS Central and/or NACAS South, or appointed by the Chair

Purpose: To increase Canadian participation in NACAS, and to ensure NACAS provides value to Canadian members and potential members.

Responsibilities: The committee will develop an annual plan and calendar that may include:

  • Coordinating Canada Day at the Annual Conference that includes content and sponsorship
  • Liaising with NACAS PD and BP committees/staff liaisons to ensure  consistency  of treatment of speakers and sponsors
  • Coordinating  an Ancillary Services workshop with CAUBO annual conference
  • Coordinating Virtual and/or in-person meetings/workshops or webinars
  • Recommending Canadian speakers at regional and annual conferences
  • Ensuring NACAS policies and procedures and activities (including Certification Commission) are inclusive of Canadian references
  • Identifying other NACAS committees that may benefit from Canadian participation/membership and provide recommendations during the annual recruitment of committee membership
  • Recommending or coordinating programs/activities to promote Canadian attendance at regional and annual conferences
  • Supporting and leading (Canadian) membership retention and recruitment efforts
  • Recommending qualities/actions for NACAS to embrace to better serve NACAS members to the NACAS Board of Directors

Certification Commission

Positions: The Commission shall consist of a Chair and no less than six (6) and up to eleven (11) additional members. The Commission shall be comprised of members with the skills required to maintain the program while including a broad representation and appropriate regional representation of the membership, as determined by the Commission.

Purpose: The Commission’s purpose is to establish the governing rules and regulations related to the CASP program, conduct the programs, make determinations regarding eligibility and all essential certification decisions, and provides mediation and interpretations for the program, as needed by staff, consultants and other volunteer groups.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Commission and its members shall include:

  • Attend Commission meetings and serve on sub-committees and/or in roles as requested.
  • Develop, monitor and revise as needed the Certification Policy Manual and related control documents, including recertification policies and practices.
  • Approve recommendations regarding eligibility criteria, certification assessment, examination content, examination scaled cut-points, exam and item performance standards, and other essential certification decisions.
  • Ensure the independence of the certification from other conflicting interests such as, but not limited to training, education accreditation and marketing functions.
  • In conjunction with the NACAS Board, assure financial continuity of the certification program.
  • Ensure sufficient and qualified personnel to operate the certification program.
  • Ensure notes of all Commission meetings and decisions are maintained.
  • Make determinations on appeals submitted by NACAS certification applicants, candidates, or certificants.
  • Hear questions or concerns of others regarding the certification program or certificants.

Communication Services Committee

Type: National Advisory Committee

Responsibilities: The Committee shall serve as an advisory group and will be responsible with the appropriate staff liaisons for compliance with procedures, policies, and directives established by the Board of Directors.

The Committee shall advise the NACAS National Office on all aspects of College Services to include but not limited to format, philosophy, composition, production and advertising costs, quality and variety of articles to ensure the development of a first class professional publication.

The Committee shall also serve as an advisory committee on all aspects of the NACAS website, e-communications and Public Relations which would also include but not be limited to format, philosophy, composition, production, advertising, quality and variety of the communications to ensure the development of nationally recognized communications for the college auxiliary professionals.  It is recommended that the committee be expanded to include sub committee members with expertise in websites, e-communications and Public Relations.  A member of the Communication Services Committee will lead each sub-committee.  Four (4) additional committee members would be one year appointments with no regional ties and selected based on their skill set that would enhance the committee.

The Committee shall serve as the Selection Committee for any communication awards categories, which the Board may establish.

Expectations:  The Committee shall meet at the Annual Conference.  The Committee will conduct business by telephone or mail.  Committee members will be expected to report about ongoing activities of the Communication Services Committee to their respective regions at the annual regional meetings.

The committee member should have working knowledge and/or experience in marketing, communications, public relations, web technology and/or any other similar type areas.  The committee member should also:

  • Promptly acknowledge all communications.
  • Inform Chair and/or Staff Liaison of availability for committee meetings as soon as possible.
  • Make sure individuals superiors are fully aware of NACAS responsibilities and commitments.
  • Get acquainted with the Chair and other members.
  • Thoroughly reviewing pertinent background materials and agenda before coming to meetings.
  • Taking an active part in all discussions.
  • Sharing information with the group, especially if experience directly relates to a subject or problem under discussion.
  • Understanding and respecting other ideas or conflicting viewpoints.
  • Attacking problems objectively and impersonally.
  • Staying on subject under discussion.
  • Asking for clarification on any point or problem not fully understood.
  • Accepting and following through on assignments.
  • Be willing to give the necessary time to attendance

Length of term: Three years

Executive Committee

Type: Board of Directors Committee

Positions: The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary/CEO and immediate Past President. The Chair of the Committee shall be the President.

Responsibilities: To work with the CEO between Board meetings for the purpose of providing assistance with analyzing and evaluating operations.

To advise the CEO of all aspects of the Association’s operations including but not limited to staffing levels, costs, upgrades and expansion of systems.

To review with the CEO the status of Board assignments and determine any necessary action to ensure that they are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

To act upon special requests from Committee Chairs that relate to special meetings and budget requests not previously authorized or budgeted.

The Committee shall evaluate the performance of the CEO and develop recommendations for compensation. Such recommendations should address both salary and fringe benefit adjustments.

The Committee will meet in person if necessary or by telephone or mail.

Length of term: One year term

Finance Committee

Type: Board of Directors Committee

Position: The Finance Committee shall be composed of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, and CEO. The Treasurer shall serve as Chair.

Responsibilities: The Committee shall meet in the April and in the summer to develop an annual budget for recommendation to the Board at its fall Board Meeting.

The Committee shall recommend to the Board appropriate dues adjustments.

The Committee shall review the status of Association reserves and make recommendations to the Board with respect to appropriate levels, manners of investment, transfers and the need for major disbursements.

The Committee shall review the Annual Financial Statement.

The Committee shall review the Annual Audit Report and work with the CEO to bring the Association into compliance with recommendations to achieve sound business practices and accounting principles.

The Committee shall be assigned by the President to study and make recommendations on any Association financial matters as deemed necessary by the Board.

All Committee Budgets are to be presented to the Finance Committee by June 1st for the upcoming year’s budget considerations.

The Finance Committee is charged with the responsibility to provide funds in the Association’s budget for the replacement of office equipment upon recommendation from the CEO. Replacements not previously funded in the budget can be approved by the Committee with a report made at the next Board Meeting.

The Committee will meet as necessary.

Length of term: One year

Membership Committee

Type: National Standing Committee

Responsibilities: The Committee shall assist the National Office in the development and implementation of programs designed for membership retention and the provision of services.

The Committee shall forward to the Board its recommendations for membership requirements, promotional programs that require budgetary expenditures above current budget allocations, or suggest operational/staffing modifications in the National Office.

The Chair shall provide current demographic reports to the Board on new membership, lost membership, and promotional efforts currently in force to ensure Association growth and stability. He/she shall routinely communicate with the National Board to solicit their support of Committee programs and goals.

Duties of Committee Members:

Members are encouraged to attend their Regional Conferences.

Members will be provided with a list of members who have not renewed their dues through the summer up to November, to be contacted, and determine why they canceled their membership, and try to persuade them to pay their dues.

Members, and anyone requested to assist the committee, will utilize the Membership Retention Form to determine patterns, problems, and areas in which the Association is accomplishing its goals.

Members are provided with materials to familiarize themselves with the Association and the services which the National Office provides, in order to articulate the value of NACAS to potential members of reinstatements.

Members will attend the First Timers Reception at the Annual Conference.

The Committee shall meet at the Annual Conference. Other business will be conducted by telephone or e-mail.

Length of term: Three years

Nominating Committee

Type: Board of Directors Committee

Responsibilities: The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for submittal of an official recommended Slate of Association Officers to the NACAS Board of Directors. The recommended slate of officers shall include nominations for the positions of Vice President of the Association, an At-Large Board Member as necessary, Regional Representatives, and the position of Treasurer every other year. The official slate of officers submitted by the Committee shall be accepted by the Board of Directors and presented to the membership at the Annual Business Meeting for approval.

The Chair shall provide each committee member with a complete list of all nominees by July 20th.  A committee teleconference must be held one week prior to the summer Board of Director’s meeting to review the nominations.

The committee shall review each nominee’s qualifications and experience with emphasis on previous commitment to NACAS and Regional activities, committee involvement, recognized achievements, Regional support, personal accomplishments, and leadership potential. Because the Board of Directors represents the entire organization, an appropriate “balance” should be considered when considering candidates for open positions. Balance may include small, medium, and large campuses, private, public, geographic regions, minorities, and women.

The Chair shall prepare a list of nominees (one for each open position) and announce the results at the summer Board of Directors meeting. Upon receiving the report of the Nominating Committee, the Board of Directors must vote to accept or reject it.

The Nominating Committee shall submit to the Chief Executive Officer a slate of candidates 60 days prior to the Annual Conference. The Chief Executive Officer shall circulate to the membership for their consideration, the slate of candidates 30 days in advance of the Annual Conference.

At the Annual Business Meeting, the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall provide an opportunity for nominations from the floor for Vice President and other open Board positions. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall conduct the election at the Annual Business Meeting, and be responsible for certifying the election results and announcing the winners.

Length of term: One year

Professional Development Committee

Type: National Standing Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for recommendations, development, and implementation of educational opportunities for NACAS members based on core practices/curriculum, relevant, or trending themes and base content.

The committee will:

  • Utilize a variety of delivery formats including:
    • In-person for the NACAS Annual Conference, regional conferences, Institutes and Workshops
    • Online with webinars, virtual roundtables, and course based sessions
    • On-demand with pre-recorded materials
    • Written media: College Services magazine and white papers
  • Recommend collaborative opportunities with appropriate educational non-profit organizations and industry publications
  • Work with internal membership and external personnel to identify and solicit presenters
  • Monitor and advise on new educational technology delivery methods
  • Support coordination of educational content, themes, core curriculum training, CPE credits, and CASP recertification credits across the NACAS organization with Regional Boards, NACAS committees, and other groups as assigned and appropriate:
    • Schedule meetings/discussions and actively participate with national and regional committees that deliver educational opportunities and materials
    • Manage content, program and presenters for the Senior Management Program, Emerging Professionals Program and CASP Prep Course at the National Annual Conference
    • Representation on the Program Committee for the National Annual Conference. Advise on format, learning outcomes, content, program, presenters and scheduling for the National Institutes and Workshops
    • Create opportunities for NACAS Core Curriculum training
  • Active involvement and consultation with the NACAS National Office
  • Support marketing and funding solutions for educational opportunities.

The committee will convene at the Annual Conference. Other business shall be conducted by telephone or e-mail.

Length of term: Three years