President's Welcome

Welcome to NACAS South

Thank you for visiting the NACAS South website. Membership in NACAS South provides auxiliary service professionals an opportunity to grow their knowledge base, keep up with the latest industry trends and create personal relationships with other members and business partners that last a lifetime.

NACAS South is one of the four regions of NACAS and encompasses 12 states from Texas to Florida and as far north as Kentucky.  Our website contains information about NACAS South, our yearly conference, leadership opportunities, member benefits, and our business partners.

NACAS South News
Visit the NACAS South News web page for newsletters, board meeting minutes, policy documents, conference presentation materials, and other items that may be of interest to you.

The NACAS South newsletter is published three times a year and provides updates from our representative to the NACAS Board of Directors and news stories about NACAS South members and member institutions.  The latest edition can be found on the NACAS South News web page.

Contact Us
The NACAS South 2021-2022 board of directors would like to encourage you to become a member and engage with our organization throughout the year.  Whether you are a college or university administrator or a business partner, we invite you to make the most of your membership by attending our conference in Savannah, Georgia this spring! Please contact any member of the NACAS South Board of Directors if you have questions or suggestions to improve our member services.

NACAS South is also on Facebook!  We hope you’ll join this network of your colleagues and help us keep our Facebook page active and useful!

The Board and I look forward to connecting with you throughout the year!


Felecia Townsend
NACAS South President
Florida International University