October 7, 2020 | 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. EST


Business Partner Forum

Recognize the need to work in—not around—the future as we build it.

Colleges and universities require your guidance, your solutions, and ultimately your partnership to achieve their current business operations needs. Knowledge transfer is not a one-way road. By hearing directly from campus leaders about what auxiliary services need help with to assimilate to the future of life on campus, you will be prepared to partner with your schools to open operations, creatively support students, and ensure community safety. Whether you are in sales or operations, this half-day forum will give you information to do your job better!

About the Forum

Be ready to lead their campus - and your business - to success.

The goal of this forum is to give you insights and information to be successful in partnering with campuses. By getting first-hand insights, YOU can show up in partnership already prepared with solutions to the challenges schools are facing. Ask questions, put in the work, and come ready this fall with future-forward ideas and a stronger campus relationship that is ready to put student success at the forefront.

Schedule at a Glance

Check out what’s new for our fall event!

  • Business Partner Panel 2.0: Whether you attended the summer session or are new to the forum this fall, you’ll have much to gain from campus insights.
  • Student Panel — Back-to-School Temperature Check: In this panel discussion, you will hear directly from students about their perception so far as it relates to the on-campus experience in the midst of a pandemic.
  • C3X Expo Preview: In these sessions, you will learn more about the C3X virtual Expo environment and will be the first to see and exclusive demo of our new exhibiting platform!

Speakers & Panelists

Prior to starting the fall semester, there were many challenges and unknowns that required critical leadership and business savvy. These decisions ensure student safety and success remain at the forefront. Traditionally, campus operators and business partners deliver the experiences students have come to know and expect. But now more than ever, flexibility and resilience are crucial as we adapt to a new, changing environment. Hear how you can continue to grow in your partnerships with a firsthand look at the pain points campuses are still experiencing, how their fall reopening plans have worked (or not), and hopes for the spring semester.

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