C3X 2021 Conference & Expo
October 18-21, 2021


NACAS Safety & Comfort Protocols

Enriching the campus experience...safely!

We are committed to community wellness and will do our part to provide and maintain an event that is free of known hazards and safeguard the health of NACAS staff, hotel staff, our audience, and their respective families and local communities.

What NACAS is doing to ensure a safe C3X

While local guidelines vary across the country, NACAS is following the recommendations and research data of the CDC for large gatherings. We are monitoring the pandemic closely and it is in NACAS’ sole discretion to add or remove any event safety measures deemed necessary as we get closer to C3X.

Attendees can expect some safety measures to be in place while on-site for C3X. These include:

  • A wellness screening area prior to checking in at registration
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue
  • Seating arrangements that encourage comfortable distancing
  • Monitoring counts of attendees for indoor rooms
  • The option to use badge ribbons to communicate your personal comfort levels with attendee interactions
  • More resources may be determined as NACAS assesses on-site operations and as local and federal guidelines shift

What NACAS is asking of attendees?

Research indicates that vaccination helps reduce the risk and transmission of infection from COVID-19. To help create a safe event environment, vaccines are strongly recommended to attend C3X. For those not vaccinated, we ask that you take a COVID-19 test indicating a negative result within 72 hours prior to arrival.

NACAS also believes in the personal responsibility of community members to create a safe and inclusive experience. The CDC recommends wearing a mask indoors (for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals), especially in areas of substantial or high transmission. Per this recommendation, NACAS requests all attendees to wear a mask as much as possible and when distancing isn’t an option throughout the duration of C3X.

Other precautions we encourage all attendees to follow:

  • Asking consent before greeting each other (ie. elbow bumps, not handshakes)
  • Wash hands frequently and sing a 20-second song for NACAS while doing so
  • Monitor your wellness daily while on-site and stay in your room if you begin to feel ill or experience symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, or cough
  • More precautions may be determined as NACAS assesses on-site operations and as local and federal guidelines shift

If you plan on attending C3X in Atlantic City and have any specific questions, feel free to send your inquiry to info@nacas.org