C3X 2020 Virtual Conference & Expo
November 9-12, 2020


eXpress Presented by Chartwells

New perspectives for a new stage of higher education

At C3X, the most thought-provoking concepts and inspiring real-life examples of campus solutions are shared by members of the NACAS community. Every day these thought leaders are thinking differently, borrowing strategies from other industries, and breaking free from perceived limitations that once hindered them. Now you can learn about these alternative perspectives at eXpress Presented by Chartwells.

eXpress features multiple 5-minute talks from industry leaders who challenge attendees to find new, progressive, and sometimes unconventional ways to run their auxiliary service departments. Learn more about each of their topics during the one-hour eXpress eXtended breakout sessions.

The Art of Artificial Intelligence and Student Success

Carolina Recchi | Co-Founder and Co-CEO of EdSights

In a time where enrollment and a global pandemic continues to pose challenges for higher education, the ability for campuses to address retention and the basic needs of students continues to be a growing concern. Auxiliaries are being faced with unprecedented revenue and operational challenges while still holding the responsibility of bringing value to the student experience and student persistence. Student data can tell us a powerful story but leaders are challenged to know the right data to collect and what to do with it. In this session, Carolina Recchi, Founder and Co-CEO of EdSights, will shed light on insights directly from students and share the power of conversational AI in improving student wellness, retention, and predicting those at-risk.

ABOUT: Carolina is the co-founder and Co-CEO of EdSights, a technology that uses conversational AI to support students over text message and hear their voices at scale. EdSights works with universities all over the country and engages more than 100,000 college students every week, offering a front-row view of how Gen Z’s brains are wired.

The Unwavering Value of Values

Jen Coyne | CEO and Majority Owner of The PEAK Fleet

When a year like 2020 comes along, it can shake you to the core. As an organizational leader, you are being thrown in many situations that require decision-making, guidance, and support in areas you have no experience. Having clear values — both personally and organizationally — that serve as both a foundation and “North Star” make it easier to navigate through times of adversity and ambiguity. The PEAK Fleet CEO, Jen Coyne, will share the value of creating a values-based culture and how to begin the journey for your organization.

ABOUT: Jennifer Coyne serves as CEO and majority owner and brings a perspective of a woman-owned business leader as well as background as a CPA and credentialed Project Management Professional. Her experience creating and delivering organizational and leadership training and development span two decades, which she now leverages to create the unique, provocative, and thought-leading products and services for The PEAK Fleet, a consulting agency that helps organizations succeed by creating an engaged workforce that thrives together.

Doing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Like You Mean It: How to Be Successful and Improve Your Business

Layla Naranjo | Senior Advisor on Equity and Belonging for the Division of Student Affairs, UC Berkeley

Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging. In the last few months, and as a response to the public and continuous violence against Black bodies, these terms have been utilized with immense frequency, but with varying impact and transformation. Organizations across the nation, from higher education to professional sports, have made statements and commitments to eradicate anti-Black racism and become more equitable. But what do these terms actually mean beyond a value statement? How do you take the individual un-learning and learn to operationalize within your respective organizations? In this session, we will begin to unpack the value of becoming a just and equitable organization, discuss concrete actions at the individual, cultural, and institutional levels, and develop SMARTIE goals to take with you.

ABOUT: Layla Naranjo has over 16 years of professional experience at UC Berkeley with a broad range of roles and at various levels within the organization including work on the recruitment, orientation, retention, and degree completion of underrepresented students as well as organizational development, leadership, and management. She is currently the Senior Advisor on Equity and Belonging for the Division of Student Affairs. As part of her work, she supports the coordination of equity, belonging, and anti-racist work across the division and partner with campus leaders to align on priorities, strategies, and resources. Previously, she was Senior Organizational Consultant and interim Associate Director of Residential Life.

Tiktok and Tater Tots - How Data is Changing Campus Dining

Jaime Faulkner | CEO of E15

What does the future of campus dining look like in a COVID & post-COVID world? Join us to learn how big data, analytics, research, and technology are shaping the future of hospitality in higher education, restaurants, sports, and more. Jaime Faulkner, CEO of E15, a leading hospitality analytics consulting firm, will discuss insights and consumer trends from a variety of industries that will help you think proactively about hospitality and plan strategically for the future. Jaime will be joined by a panel of experts to discuss these topics and how their expertise can be applied to your campus.

ABOUT: Jaime Faulkner is the CEO of the E15 Group. Jaime joined Levy in 2013 to build the E15 Group, a data and analytics company. Today, E15 has nearly 100 employees in practice areas such as data services, consumer insights, business insights, data science, and next-generation technology strategy to drive Levy and Compass business. In 2018, E15 launched its consulting practice which serves clients such as Amazon, Netflix, and several professional sports teams, resorts, and live events locations. Today, E15 serves over 150 clients with professionals in 21 cities.

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