C3X 2021 Conference & Expo
October 18-21, 2021

Keynote Speaker

C3X artfully creates grand, signature moments through the delivery of our keynote presentations.

Hear unforgettable stories that are sure to emotionally touch and professionally inspire all who listen. Content shared in C3X general sessions is the fuel that ignites on-site collaboration and the glue that bonds attendees – helping to foster priceless lifelong peer-to-peer relationships.

Opening Keynote: Crystal Washington

In the face of unprecedented world events, auxiliary service leaders understand that the key to long-term recovery and growth is nurturing relationships for student success, which ensures business success. In this interactive session, technology strategist and futurist Crystal Washington will demonstrate innovative ways you can sow seeds that will mature to create a massive impact in a few months!

Her clients including Google, Microsoft, and GE, and she is one of Forbes’ 50 Leading Female Futurists. During her C3X Keynote presentation, Crystal will give us the following three key takeaways:

1. Understand the Do’s and Don’ts of promoting a collaborative team environment and promoting wellbeing when stress levels are in the red and team members return to campus.
2. Learn creative ways to transform yourself from mere provider to Superhero in the minds of your campus and student clients as we move into our new normal.
3. Discover and implement tech tools to bring your peers, clients, partners, and prospects from “What now? to “WOW”.