C3X 2021 Conference & Expo
October 18-21, 2020 | Atlantic City, New Jersey


Concurrent Workshops

Monday in Atlantic City

Gain the skills you need, in the time you can spare, and have fun doing it at our Pre-Conference Labs — an immersive, in-person educational experience taking place the day before virtual C3X begins. Learn alongside participants from all different backgrounds and choose from our selection of targeted skill-building events to hone the competencies you need. In a no-distractions, interactive environment, transform yourself into a campus leader who is prepared to take auxiliary services to the next level at your home institution and deliver what your students didn’t know they needed.

Note: Monday’s workshops are in-person events, included in the cost of registration for those joining us in Atlantic City.


Moving Forward With Best Practices as we Emerge From COVID-19

Last year was one to remember. Please join us as we discuss the effect of COVID-19 on campus sustainability initiatives from the auxiliary perspective, starting with a review of early COVID-19 to current best practices, and plans to move forward. Hear from an auxiliary director about what worked on their campus, especially in dining services and how they were able to maintain a commitment to sustainability in the face of campus closures, service, and partner disruption. Hear about dramatically different process flows that required novel practices, often on the fly. Topics will also include what is working now and strategies for keeping sustainability at the top of capital and programming priorities in future budgets. There will also be an interactive group exercise to look for trends and great ideas, all with a goal of collaboratively keeping a shared commitment to sustainable practices.

Presented by Van Sullivan, Executive Director of Faculty Student Association, Stony Brook University

Elevating Campus-wide Auxiliary Services Programs

Despite, or due to an incredibly challenging year, we are witnessing innovations and operational efficiencies like never before. Hear from an expert panel of your peers who are leading the pack and want to share their stories. By tapping into funds provided to protect students and future-proof the institution’s infrastructure, they are moving beyond the mailroom, using smart technologies like campus-wide smart lockers for package and goods delivery exchange and tracking to help auxiliary services truly provide an elevated, safer, and more efficient campus experience for their students, faculty, and staff.

Session attendees are eligible to take advantage of our Locktoberfest “TAP” initiative, a Technology Assistance Program that provides up to $25,000 back on Campus Hub™ installations to the institutions who support the students: the inspiration of our future.

Presented by Dan Greaney and Rob Zinsky, Parcel Pending by Quadient

Delivering the Ideal Hospitality Ecosystem

A New Approach to Reinvigorating Your College Campus Experience

While the pandemic has disrupted the basics of Higher Education campus life, the student desire for the college experience has never been higher. As we navigate our current and eventual post-pandemic environments, it is imperative to really understand and respond to the needs of all campus stakeholders – especially students. Forward-thinking colleges now have an opportunity to reinvigorate their campuses by cultivating a student experience that delivers education within a hospitality ecosystem, which incorporates all things community, like campus traditions, dining, and athletics, and even extends beyond the campus boundary to include local businesses and community members.

Actively creating a compelling hospitality ecosystem requires delivery of the functional needs of dining – great food, exceptional service, convenient locations, and strong value. But it also means connecting with students on a visceral level to understand how they want to feel. This hands-on workshop will share a new approach to understanding and integrating the emotional value drivers for students, parents and administrators, and will provide action planning exercises to unlock your ideal campus hospitality ecosystem – one that nurtures the university community, attracts prospective students, supports the journey to graduation, and drives revenue and overall success.

Presented by Chanel Brown, Sasha Day, and Jonathan Duffy, Aramark Higher Education

Financial Leadership

Hear from colleagues at Oakland University on how they have immersed Financial Leadership into their portfolio. Whether it is a framework they have adopted, a particular business strategy they adhere to, or a risk they took, you will be motivated by their stories of business success.

Throughout the workshop, there will be exercises and group discussions so you can better develop, execute and analyze your budget while taking staffing, contract negotiations and reforecasting needs into account.

Presented by Anita Hicks, Ed. D., and Chris Reed, CASP, Oakland University

Succession Planning

Talent is our most significant strategic asset that drives a creative and sustainable competitive advantage. Of the many challenges of running an organization, the most impactful is managing personnel changes in important positions due to retirements, unplanned emergencies, or turnover.  It can be disastrous if critical employees leave expectantly without a plan in place because chaos and power struggles may ensue.

Succession planning is the best way to ensure that the standards and values you have set for your department are maintained. Career development, mentoring programs, and strategic planning are the key to preparing for changes.

Learn how to create a comprehensive transition plan and why starting sooner rather than later can lead to the best results.

Presented by Jerry Clemmer, M.H.R.M., CASP, University of Richmond

Campus of the Future

How 35+ Colleges Are Improving Efficiency, Convenience and Safety

Colleges across the country are using technology in partnership with operational changes to reopen on-campus dining, stores, and sports venues. Educational campuses are increasing efficiency, convenience, and safety with modern POS and payments solutions. Students, staff, and guests are increasingly looking for more convenience and control in all their transactions, both in-person and digital. Learn how schools like Louisiana State University (LSU), Arizona State University, and University of Florida are seeing the benefits of mobile ordering, self-service kiosks, QR codes, campus card integrations, order-ahead functionality and other innovations, from the stadiums and dining halls to cafes and on-campus stores.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

1. Identify current challenges and student’s changing expectations and behaviors
2. Discover how college campus dining & athletic facilities are enabling frictionless ordering and fulfillment to improve guest experiences
3. Use data analytics to gain valuable insights into students’ buying behaviors and make data-driver decisions
4. Learn how to connect the campus with omnichannel solutions and provide students with modern ordering options proven to increase revenue

Presented by

Jim Dwyer, CASP, Executive Director Auxiliary Business Services, Arizona State University | Aaron Reese, Director of Strategic Accounts, Appetize | David McQuillin, VP Sales, Co-Founder, Atrium