C3X 2018 Conference & Expo
October 14-17, 2018 | Orlando, Florida


Pre-Conference Events

Explore the Selection of Pre-Conference Education Opportunities

You can begin your learning journey before the conference officially takes off. Dive into programs and study groups developed for your growth as an auxiliary service professional.

CASP Study Group

Start your journey to obtaining a CASP certification by knowing how to prepare. You want to make your campus environment the best it can be for your students; we have the tools you need to help you achieve that goal. Whether you are planning to take the exam at C3X or thereafter, this study session will briefly go over the structure of the exam followed by an opportunity to study and refresh content areas with your peers. Attend the study group and get tips to help decrease test anxiety, strategically prepare, and learn from fellow auxiliary professionals.

Senior Executive Program

Presented by Chartwells

Designed for senior and executive-level campus service professionals, the Senior Executive Program offers guidance on how to provide leadership in your institution to maintain a highly successful operation by concentrating on relationships and culture given the challenges that higher education faces today. Opening with a luncheon, participants will have the opportunity to grow leadership skills and engage in workshops geared to find solutions in innovative revenue generation.

Emerging Professionals Program

The Emerging Professionals program is designed to facilitate social and developmental opportunities for auxiliary services professionals in the first five years of their career. The program creates a fun and accessible platform for attendees to build a strong network of colleagues and advance their careers. Opening up with a luncheon, participants will have the opportunity to hear from a speaker and participate in a workshop to develop an understanding of long-term opportunities for a career in auxiliary services. The participants will have a chance to hold open discussions, as well as network with Senior Level Professionals at a joint reception.

Canada Day

Canada Day delivers an all-day workshop that invites Canadian institution professionals to exchange ideas, trends, and updates in the Canadian higher education landscape. This targeted event convenes members from across all provinces to collaborate in a culturally relevant and welcoming environment. Whether it is your first or 20th Canada Day, you will certainly make new connections and uncover gems of knowledge to bring back to your campus. The workshop is interactive and the “Cross-Canada Check-up” encourages members to discuss hot topics and seek solutions to those issues that others may have already resolved. Programming for this event is designed by the Canadian Committee.

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