Pre-Conference Events

Explore the Selection of Pre-Conference Education Opportunities

You can begin your learning journey before the conference officially takes off. Dive into programs and study groups developed for your growth as an auxiliary service professional.

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CASP Study Group

Start your journey to obtaining a CASP certification by knowing how to prepare. You want to make your campus environment the best it can be for your students; we have the tools you need to help you achieve that goal. Whether you are planning to take the exam at C3X or thereafter, this study session will briefly go over the structure of the exam followed by an opportunity to study and refresh content areas with your peers. Attend the study group and get tips to help decrease test anxiety, strategically prepare, and learn from fellow auxiliary professionals.

Senior Management Program

Designed for senior and executive-level campus service professionals, the Senior Management Program offers guidance for how to best lead in the future, given the politically charged undertones and complexities experienced within higher education environments. Opening with a facilitated discussion on pain points for your institution, participants will consider the data (revenue, feedback) from your services, translate this data into campus and student needs, discuss deliberate spaces that accommodate these needs, and align these spaces and needs within the campus master plan. Ultimately auxiliary leaders must use predictive analytics both to make impactful decisions and to convey the auxiliary impact on the student experience to campus administrators. Join Dynamik Space, UNC Wilmington, and other industry leaders in co-creating solutions and processes that will impact your student experience.

Emerging Professionals Program

In this highly interactive and energized presentation, Kris Boesch, CEO of Choose People, weaves valuable content, enlightening stories and tangible tools to improve your work culture. The work culture of auxiliary services, of those who are on the front lines interacting with students on a daily basis, is mission critical to shaping the campus culture and the student experience. As a leader or manager of an auxiliary team, an extraordinary workplace culture is one of the most paramount financial assets you can bring to your campus’ success. Boesch will provide participants with specific tangible no-cost ways to create an extraordinary workplace culture. Whereas other programs miss the mark by only talking about employee satisfaction or engagement, Boesch takes workplace culture to a whole new level well beyond compensation, basic HR practices and perks. Participants will be able to take her doable best practices and lessons learned and implement them within their teams to see immediate results.