C3X 2019 Conference & Expo
November 3-6, 2019 | Phoenix, Arizona


QUAD: A Pre-Conference Skill Building Experience

Formerly known as: Pre-Conference Events

Gain the skills you need, in the time you can spare, and have fun doing it at QUAD — an immersive educational experience taking place the day before C3X begins. Learn alongside participants from all different backgrounds and choose from targeted skill-building “Labs” to hone the competencies you need. In a no-distractions, interactive environment, transform yourself into a campus leader who is prepared to take auxiliary services to the next level at your home institution and deliver what your students didn’t know they needed.

LABS: Innovation Lab, Leadership Lab, Canada Lab, CASP Lab

NOTE: The Labs are considered registration “add-on” events. Don’t forget to include your chosen Lab as you register for C3X.

Innovation Lab Presented by Chartwells

From Counter to Concept

Formerly known as: Senior Professionals Workshop

Designed with the senior-level professional in mind, this lab is intended to prepare campus leaders for the future of food service. Hosted by industry consultant and specialist, Shawn LaPean, the Innovation Lab will feature round table discussions, panel forums, education sessions, and keynote speakers from leaders innovating campus convenience, diverse flavor palates, and robotic technology across colleges and universities. After participating in this day and a half long workshop, attendees will be able to anticipate changing student trends and apply best practices learned outside of higher education to transform the student and campus community experience.

Leadership Lab

Navigating Campus Politics

Formerly known as: Emerging Professionals Workshop

Preparing those seeking a career in auxiliary services, the Leadership Lab will cultivate foundational leadership and management skills needed for the university professional to succeed long-term. With today’s social and political climate, navigating campus politics while also fostering inclusivity is crucial for young professionals looking to enhance their understanding of issues impacting the campus community. The Leadership Lab will provide tangible lessons aimed at increasing awareness of diversity and inclusion issues, while also guiding you through the nuances of campus politics that will leave you better prepared to take the next step in your auxiliary services career.


An Overview & Test Prep

Formerly known as: CASP Prep Course

CASP Lab is broken out into two group, one developed for those who are taking the exam at C3X and another for those who wish to take the exam sometime in the future.

Group One – An Overview: This program is geared toward those who plan on taking the CASP exam in 2020 and beyond. Attendees will get a high-level overview of the program and will learn what it takes to earn the prestigious CASP title.

Group Two – Test Prep: This program is geared toward those who plan on taking the CASP exam in Phoenix, Arizona at C3X 2019. Attendees will get access to resources to help master exam content areas, tips for decreasing test anxiety, and will have the opportunity to bond with other auxiliary professionals who are on the same path to certification.

Canada Lab

Hot Topics in Ancillary Services

Formerly known as: Canada Day

Canada Lab delivers an all-day workshop that invites Canadian institution professionals to exchange ideas, trends, and updates in the Canadian higher education landscape. This targeted event convenes members from across all provinces to collaborate in a culturally relevant and welcoming environment. Whether it is your first event or 20th event, you will certainly make new connections and uncover gems of knowledge to bring back to your campus. The workshop is interactive and the “Cross-Canada Check-up” encourages members to discuss hot topics and seek solutions to those issues that others may have already resolved.

Programming for this event is designed by the Canadian Committee.