Virtual Senior Executive Summit
February 16-17, 2021


Virtual Senior
Executive Summit

Shifting the narrative to keep students and community first

Inviting leaders with veteran experience in auxiliary services, oversight of more than one service department, and key decision-making power on campus.

This event is part of the NACAS Leadership Series.

It’s time to rewrite the higher ed narrative.

For years, the higher education story has focused on the negative. Rising costs, enrollment challenges, and public scrutiny has left people questioning the value of a degree. Let’s reclaim the narrative and fuel public trust in our institutions.

As auxiliary services adapt in times of uncertainty, let’s let them shine as pillars of student development and success: The ultimate achievement of higher education. Be a visionary on your campus that brings forward ideas for alternative revenue streams and ways to combat enrollment challenges. Gain confidence in your decision-making that will lead to positive change on your campus for years to come.

Schedule at a Glance

What will you learn at the Virtual Senior Executive Summit this year? Through education sessions, facilitated discussions, and interactive curriculum, you can anticipate takeaways such as:

  • Reigniting the visionary within that brings big-picture ideas back to the drawing board to mitigate higher education challenges with a student-forward focus
  • Deepening your understanding of data-driven decision making and a glimpse at the future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Furthering your commitment to social justice by moving talk to action

Get an in-depth look at the schedule and descriptions by clicking on the link below.


Who are the event speakers? Virtual Senior Executive Summit speakers are subject-matter experts from institutions, businesses, and associations that are focused on auxiliary services and/or student success. Learn more about speakers by clicking the link below.

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