NACAS Virtual Expo

Connect with Business Partners virtually.

Have you been looking for a new product or service to improve your operations, but don’t know where to start? The NACAS Virtual Expo is your free one-stop-shop to source campus solutions.

Similar to our C3X Expo, the NACAS Virtual Expo brings together business partners and industry leaders virtually to collaborate, create, and explore new ways to create customized campus services that are unique and meaningful to each school’s community.


The Virtual Expo is free and open to all NACAS Institutional Members — All you have to do is register to use the program. Once you’re registered and logged in, you will be able to visit virtual booths at your own convenience and on your own time.

Register today to browse through the complete list of NACAS Business Partners with ease to find your solutions or product, watch informational videos, and download brochures.

For NACAS Business Partners

NACAS Business Partners, having a virtual booth is included in your annual membership. Our virtual expo software allows you to set-up your booth in 5-minute or less including hosting embedded videos, showcasing downloadable PDFs, sharing important URLs, and more.