January 19, 2022 | 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. EST

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Workshop: Bringing Back Joy Through Dining

In Partnership with Chartwells

It can be hard to think about the endless possibilities and ways to pave the way for the future of dining services when new issues arise that permeate the everyday scene. With labor shortages, setbacks in sustainability, temporary dining hall closures, and other unprecedented disruptions, it can feel never-ending. 

We hear you. NACAS, in partnership with Chartwells, wants to assist in navigating these issues and finding solutions that allow you to think ahead once more. 

This half-day virtual workshop will start by offering ideas you can adopt to alleviate some of the everyday challenges, and end with you feeling inspired to bring back joy through dining – reinforcing the emotional connection campus dining services can bring to students, and positively impacting their experience.

Registration is free for institutional members and $250 for business partners.

Content Overview

Sessions include:

Solutions to Labor Shortages

In this ever-changing job market, labor shortages have become one of the biggest challenges that many organizations have had to face. Learn tactics and techniques to leverage alternatives like hiring student workers, technology integration to simplify your application process, and adding competitive benefits to help you fill open positions.

Strategies for Sustainability

Higher education institutions and food have an essential role in sustainability. Food is a critical and high-impact way of achieving targets in reducing carbon emissions; a hot topic from the past few years that isn’t going away. Learn about the importance of partnerships and collaborations as higher education institutions work toward a more sustainable world.

Innovative Technologies in Dining

New trends and technologies are popping up faster than ever before. Stay at the forefront of dining innovations with this panel session.

Roundtable Networking

Share your own lessons learned, ask questions, and collaborate with colleagues.

Pedaling Positivity: The Business Case for Joy

Create real emotional connections with your guests and clients that leave you inspired to bring back joy through dining. These relationships can help your team alleviate everyday challenges and find innovative new processes. We’ll talk about reinforcing the sense of togetherness that campus dining services can bring to students, impacting their daily experience.

Event Partners

Chartwells: At colleges and universities around the country, Chartwells Higher Education is re-inventing the on-campus dining experience. We are challenging the norm and setting new standards by investing in high-tech, food-infused social spaces that bring people together to promote meaningful relationships and interactions. We are food-forward difference makers, bound together by a desire to feed hungry minds and prepare students for success.

Grubhub Campus: Grubhub Campus provides a branded, access-controlled environment within the Grubhub app. We help you improve service and streamline operations at your dining program and retail concepts in a digital space of your own.

Apex Order Pickup: The pandemic has changed lots of things, including how we think about on-campus dining. That’s why contactless foodservice lockers are the most sustainable strategy for the COVID-19 era and beyond. They’re fast, convenient, and there’s less risk for both your guests and your team. And here’s a bonus – they increase throughput so you can optimize peak hours.

Instawork: Flexible staffing for today’s local workforce. Instawork is the leading flexible staffing solution for local, hourly professionals. Its digital marketplace connects schools and qualified students/professionals across the U.S., filling a critical role in local economies.