July 15, 2021 | 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. EST


Workshop: From Bookstore to Campus Store

In Partnership with Slingshot

As course material delivery models change, the traditional bookstore is transitioning to a campus store. This gives your institution the opportunity to ensure your store is in the center of the campus ecosystem.

Throughout the Workshop, you will have an opportunity to learn from thought leaders, break into smaller groups to discuss how topics align to a self-operated versus leased store model, and brainstorm ways to address the trends happening within campus stores.

Registration is free for institutional members and $250 for business partners.

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Content Overview

Part 1: Laws and Regulations Affecting the Campus Store
Join our HEOA expert and a panel of your peers to discuss the laws and regulations affecting the campus store. We will discuss important topics such as community college tuition and materials, course material opt-outs, and pricing transparency.

  • Higher Education Opportunity Act
  • If Community College Tuition is free, what does that mean for the campus store and course materials?
  • State legislation trends around student opt-out regulations for Inclusive Access and Equitable Access

Part 2: A Comprehensive Look at Course Materials
This session will begin with a panel of publisher experts before we explore emerging course materials buying trends from your peers. We invite you to select an emerging trend to then join for a moderated breakout session.

  • The future of publisher content
  • Is Inclusive Access or Equitable Access right for your campus?
  • Gaining traction with key stakeholders to drive course material initiatives forward

Part 3: Alternative Revenue Streams and Space Design
Hear from your peer institutions on alternative revenue streams they have implemented on their campus. Learn more about the decision-making process, the challenges, and the outcomes.

  • Alternative revenue streams to supplement your campus store, from vending, to pop-up shops, to screen printing, to alumni sales.
  • As physical materials move out of your bookstore, how do you reimagine the space to become a campus store?
  • Trends around bringing the print and mail operations within the campus store
  • Merchandising & display best practices

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At Slingshot, the baseline is: every single student, every single course material, by the first day of class, at an affordable price. Slingshot offers Equitable Access course material delivery models, and complimentary services to help institutions operate a campus store, mailroom, or print operation. Whether institutions need software or people resources, they can tailor the solution to meet campus needs. Slingshot has offices and warehouses in Central Indiana and Las Vegas, Nevada.