NACAS Event Schedule

July 2020

Tue. 07/07

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: Shifting Food Service Operations to the New Normal

Presenters: Jeff Dover, Principal Managing Director at fsSTRATEGY; Andrew Waddington, Senior Consultant at fsSTRATEGY; Geoff Wilson, Principal at fsSTRATEGY

Colleges and Universities are planning for a variety of foodservice operating scenarios for the Fall Semester of 2020: Online delivery of classes to normal operations and everything in between. While many institutions are unsure of when their campus foodservice operations will open, they realize that many aspects of those operations will be different as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, we will discuss how to prepare to open foodservice operations. We will discuss best practices and how to provide the services to the campus community (students, staff and faculty) safely and in a fiscally responsible manner. The webinar will consider food safety, social distancing (employee and customer safety), personal protective equipment, service styles, etc. and how these may look different from previous service. We will also discuss environmental practices that have been implemented (e.g., reduced packaging, reusables versus disposables) and how these practices may differ. The session will help participants prepare for the reopening of their foodservice operations, possibly in a phased approach and will include retail, residential dining and catering operations.

Wed. 07/08

1:00 - 5:00 p.m. EST

Business Partner Forum

During the Business Partner Forum, hear from an industry panel as they talk through the specific pain points at their campus, including fears for higher education as a whole, what life on campus entails this fall, and what operations look like moving forward. By getting first-hand insights, YOU can show up in partnership already prepared with solutions to the challenges schools are facing. Ask questions, put in the work, and come ready this fall with future-forward ideas and a stronger campus relationship that is ready to put student success at the forefront.

Thu. 07/09

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: COVID-19 and Changing Times: Implementing Safe Mobile Credentials for Campus Card

Presenters: Jeanine Brooks, Action Card Director at University of Alabama & Debbie DeYulia, Director of DukeCard & Program Management at Duke University

Join Duke and The University of Alabama as we share our mobile card implementations, and how this technology can assist as we continue to adjust to life on campus in the midst of COVID-19. This contactless technology allows for fall students to come to campus with their mobile cards already on their phones. We will outline the project drivers, benefits and strategies that addressed infrastructure, funding, administrative approval, launch strategy, post-implementation activities and communications. These were campus-wide projects engaging multiple campus partners, vendors and system integrations that led to successful and award-winning mobile card solutions for our campuses.

Tue. 07/14

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: Is Your Campus Store Sustainable?


Lorelle Davies, CASP, Director of Auxiliary Services at Pikes Peak Community College
Mark Palmore, VP of Consulting at Nebraska Book Company
Russell Markman, VP of Campus Relations at Barnes & Noble College
Mary Perry, Marketing Vice President at Follett Higher Education group
Greg Fenton, Co-Founder of RedShelf

Come join a webinar discussion with Industry leading College Bookstore leaders, as a follow up from the hit C3X 2019 education session. Hear Key Bookstore Partners about the future of Course Materials, and operating models keep your stores relevant on your campus. This is an opportunity to participate at a high level with industry trend makers, gain an understanding of the various strategies to keep your store relevant, and learn about changes in Inclusive Access, Open Education Resources, and other new formats.

Wed. 07/15

2:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: Building and Sustaining a Culture and Environment of Wellbeing: Key Strategies for Success

Creating and sustaining cultures that support healthy behavior change are key to any institution who wants healthy, happy, engaged and productive students, faculty and staff. In this panel discussion, health promotion leaders from four universities will discuss key strategies for leveraging best practices in institutions of higher learning.

2:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: BrandEd

BrandEd is the first NACAS webinar designed specifically to provide our membership with brand education. Hear from Nelnet Campus Commerce, Touchwork, ColorID, Quadient, WeDriveU, and Kitchens To Go ensuring that wherever your students may go on campus from housing to dining to the mailroom and beyond, you'll know the latest solutions and technology available.

Thu. 07/16

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: NACAS East Discusses Return to Campus Plans

Across the nation, colleges and universities are planning for a variety of operating scenarios for the Fall Semester of 2020. This webinar will feature returning to campus plans from senior leaders at institutions across our region. Both public and private school plans will be addressed, as well as different enrollment sizes. The main focus will be on auxiliary and business operations including retail and residential dining, food trucks, catering, coffee shops, residence halls and facilities, on-campus hotels, book stores, and transportation services. Our presenters will discuss best practices and how to provide the services to the campus community safely and in a fiscally responsible manner, considering health and safety, social distancing, and personal protective equipment. The session will provide leaders in Auxiliary and Business Services with ideas to implement with their own planning processes.

Fri. 07/17

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: How to Prepare for Service Disruption On Your Campus In the Post COVID-19 World

Service disruption can occur at any time, as with the world’s response to COVID19. Whether it’s a planned renovation or emergency, university staff and auxiliary professionals should prepare for these disruptions. In this session we will review best practices and protocols that can be implemented to 1) help minimize service disruption for students, 2) protect your campus community, and 3) minimize economic loss in food service, meetings and events, and other auxiliary areas. In this session we will discuss not only contingency planning but also general preparedness planning.

Tue. 07/21

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: Are Your Auxiliary Operations Surviving or Thriving? Evaluating Campus Auxiliary Operations to Build Crisis-Proof Business Models

Colleges and universities must regularly assess their operational practices in relationship to changes in funding and enrollment, campus responses to crises, and much more. How institutions plan and respond, now more than ever, is imperative to short- and long-term success. This webinar brings together representatives from a small four year public university and a large urban multi campus university system that have undergone extensive evaluations of their campus operations and facilities, specifically auxiliary units, with the goal of optimizing service quality and operational efficiency, and increasing revenue generation. The panelists will discuss their individual processes of analysis, problem-solving, and outcomes, each based on the unique challenges facing their campuses. The last portion of the webinar will focus on how these evaluative approaches can be implemented while planning for post-COVID operating paradigms on campus.

Thu. 07/23

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: Re-Thinking Campus Mail: Winning the COVID-19 Fight with Parcel Lockers

Social distancing, reduced manpower, and shorter hours of operation on campuses has called for more advanced operational approaches. Abrupt campus closures have found faculty and students quickly adapting to online learning technology platforms. Early adopters are now discovering new ways to leverage “smart technologies” to streamline campus mail services centers, protect the institution’s brand reputation, and enhance the student and staff experience. Come learn from Quadient about safer and more efficient mail and package distribution process for your campus with Parcel Pending, which can reduce long lines at your pick up center, reduce staff face to face interactions, and establish 24/7 access to packages for your students and staff. This program will be of particular interest for leaders in housing, auxiliary services, and facilities, and allow attendees to actively engage in the program by making comments and asking questions in real-time.