NACAS Event Schedule

September 2020

Tue. 09/15

3:00 p.m. ET

Quarterly Women’s Virtual Roundtable: Showing Up for Others

Join Kelsey Harmon Finn, NACAS CEO, as we discuss how to show up as campus leaders during these incredibly uncertain times. It can be difficult to focus on the needs of those around you while still addressing your own needs. In July, NACAS shared resources to work on self-care and personal development during a time of rapid transformation within higher education and society as a whole. Now it's time to direct our energy toward the needs of others. We will use this time to explore a range of topics, like finding the space and energy to advocate for other women, showing up in conversations around racial justice, and undergoing real action on both fronts. We encourage you to flex your Zoom skills and join us on video for our deep conversation as the group brainstorms pathways for success.

Tue. 09/22

2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET


BrandEd is NACAS webinar series designed specifically to provide our membership with brand education. Geared towards services and products, BrandEd will allow NACAS Business Partners a 10-minute opportunity to share their brand and how they could help your campus be ready to open and operate this fall. In the initial BrandEd, Nelnet Campus Commerce, Touchwork, ColorID, Quadient, WeDriveU, and Kitchens To Go shared that wherever your students may go on campus from housing to dining to the mailroom and beyond, you'll know the latest solutions and technology available.

Fri. 09/25

1:30 p.m. ET

Webinar: ACHA COVID-19 Taskforce “Ask the Expert”: Wastewater Surveillance

Please join us as we hear from the CDC and academic researchers about the potential role of wastewater surveillance to detect COVID-19 on college and university campuses. Wastewater surveillance is a promising strategy to understand changes in COVID-19 infections in communities, but there remain key questions about building-level sampling and testing, data processing and analysis, and interpretation of findings. The webinar will include a thirty-minute presentation and a thirty-minute Q&A session.

Tue. 09/29

3:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: Social Norming: How to Engage Your Staff, Your Students, and Your School
September 29, 2020 | 3:00 p.m. ET

While public health guidelines continue to shift at a local and national level, compliance to stated recommendations and mandates helps create a new campus environment for all stakeholders still physically present on campus. It is near impossible for many institutions to enforce every rule at every location on campus, which results in a need for stakeholders to feel empowered to uphold these standards for both themselves and their peers. Come learn from Colorado State University and the University of Florida on how they learned what their campuses felt they needed to act within public health guidelines and respectively, how the content was communicated to their stakeholders, and the methods that social norming has been brought to life.

Wed. 09/30

3:00 p.m. ET

Virtual Roundtable: Managing Security and Safety With Return to Campus

Many Auxiliary Service professionals have oversight of campus security, whether that results in a self-operated security team or aid from local police officials. Concerns for security and safety are higher than ever, with evolving guidelines for social distancing, mask usage, and gathering being ever-difficult to enforce. Both education and enforcement of these important mandates are critical responsibilities for higher education professionals, yet it requires a careful balancing act of maintaining stability on campus without security responses providing additional disruption. Join NACAS as we discuss how individual campus responses have been changing throughout the return to campus, including campus security shifting to not be the first response when there are low-risk problems, changing the optics of a campus' security and how the department can adapt to the campus culture, and student responses to institutions' currently existing policies.