NACAS Event Schedule

August 2018

Wed. 08/08

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Meetings, Conferences, and Events Planning 101

Perhaps you have been asked to lead the planning and execution of a campus based professional association conference or maybe you are newly overseeing an established team of conference and event managers in your auxiliary services unit. In either situation, you may be finding yourself curious about where to begin when it comes to what it takes to plan a successful meeting, conference or event.

This webinar will provide an overview of the critical steps in planning and executing an event from beginning to end, or soup to nuts as you may have heard a planner say casually when referring to their craft. Using a case study approach examining three common scenarios – a multiple day campus based conference, a presidential visit to campus and a board of directors meeting or retreat – attendees will gain an understanding of the full breadth of details that are behind managing meetings, conferences and events successfully. From budgeting, emergency planning, and post event assessment to catering, accommodations and transportation coordination – this session will endeavor to provide you with a roadmap for future success in planning meetings, conferences and events in a collegiate environment.

Thu. 08/09

4:00 pm ET

Webinar: Creating a Divisional Shadowing Program to Enhance Engagement

Learn about Temple University’s GUIDE program - a divisional shadowing program implemented to enhance engagement. The program allows individuals interested in learning more about other areas of the Division of Student Affairs to pair with a Guide from another department. Over the course of a semester, the Guide will provide staff exposure and an inside look at how the department operates - giving Observers a unique opportunity to learn about an area they have not previously worked in. Gain insight into how the GUIDE Program formed from an organic conversation among colleagues that has lead to numerous positive outcomes and hear about the implementation process - from recruiting participants, matching guides with mentees, conducting monthly check-ins and more.

Tue. 08/14

3:00 pm ET

Webinar: Auxiliary Services Role in Powering Athletic Performance on Campus

We all like to win; and for a student athlete winning in their sport first means achieving a balance between the classroom, the playing fields and the campus environment. The journey of a student athlete looks different than the typical student experience. Daily practices, competitions and maintaining peak performance both on the field and in the classroom, can be a challenging feat. Recognizing that student athletes need support tailored to their unique needs, Sodexo and a team of experts, including pro- and collegiate sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci, paired up to study the special needs of the student athlete and create a solution to help them excel. With the unique combination of applying principles of experience design and clinical nutrition they’ve created The Circuit, to keep athletes fueled, equipped and connected in a way that drives performance of the athlete, the team and the school! Join Experience Designer Kristi Theisen and Sports Nutritionist Leslie Bonci to explore how, with insight on your athlete, you can move from an experience that causes stress for your student athletes to one that powers athletic performance.

Wed. 08/15

2:00 pm ET

Virtual Roundtable: Summer Series: Emotional Intelligence Part 4: Empathy

Join NACAS CEO, Kelsey Harmon Finn, as she dives into what distinguishes great leaders from good ones using Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence skills as her guide. The summer is a great time to reflect on the school year and look forward to what lies ahead. What can you bring to the table this fall that will make this year better than last? There are five components to Emotional Intelligence that help maximize performance and assist in helping you live life in the flow. Through understanding, practice, and persistence you can build upon and strengthen each of the five components to be a better leader. The fourth of this five part summer series will focus on Empathy: understanding other people's emotional makeup and skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions. Join in to see how you can enhance your skills, making this year better than the last.

Wed. 08/22

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: How to Make the Most Out of Exhibiting at C3X 2018

Join NACAS as both staff and members discuss how business partners can make the most of their C3X experience. Learn from members and current business partners how to win the expo floor and best practices to engage NACAS members.

Webinar highlights will include:
-Conference at a glance
-Exhibitor benefits
-Optimizing your engagement
-Outreach opportunities
-Conference logistics

-Provide you with the key dates and logistical information.
-Suggest ways to increase your ROI through success stories from your peers.
-Connect you with the appropriate people and resources for follow-up questions.