NACAS Event Schedule

November 2018

Wed. 11/07

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Understanding the Power of Brand

A Brand is more than school colors and a logo, it’s about creating consistently outstanding experiences; and everything matters when it comes to experiences. In a time when attracting and retaining the best and brightest students and staff continues to be a challenge, striving to deliver the best experiences possible can make the difference between struggling to find the right people and having the right people waiting in line to enroll or apply. Successful organizations place brand at the center of their culture and leverage it across all departments to guide decisions and deliver consistently excellent service and support. In this discussion, we’ll talk about what a brand consist of and how brand promises and the details of day to day experiences work together to create an environment that your students will love and your team will be loyal to.

Thu. 11/08

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender-inclusive housing has become an important initiative fostering comfort, acceptance, safety, and inclusion on our college campuses. Jennifer Garvin, Housing and Food Services, and Brian Patchcoski, Student Affairs, from The Pennsylvania State University will discuss the journey of implementing gender-inclusive housing and address specific questions, including, but not limited to: How did it start? What is currently offered and available within the housing structure? What additional resources around sexual and gender diversity have been considered for students? and What has been the impact on the student experience? Join us in discussing best and emerging practices, lessons learned, and on-going improvements to better the student experience and enhance our living and learning environment.

Tue. 11/13

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Communicating through Crisis: Lessons Learned from a Norovirus Outbreak

"Be First. Be Right. Be Credible.” - CDC. Communicating during an outbreak of illness on campus is complicated. You must communicate quickly, accurately, and be transparent in order to gain your campus community’s trust. In this session, you will dive into an outbreak of unknown gastrointestinal illness at Georgia Tech that occurred in October 2017. Explore the tools used during the outbreak, lessons learned, and new protocols that have emerged since. As a former communication specialist contractor at CDC, Jess will also share her knowledge and experience to help you begin developing your own campus public health crisis plan.