NACAS Event Schedule

March 2018

Wed. 03/07

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Improving Throughput in Dining Operations with Self-Order Kiosks

There are many places on campus where lines can form. Some lines just can’t be helped, but lines in your dining areas can. Imagine your students selecting food options, placing orders, and making payments without the help of dining staff. Not only would this dramatically decrease your students’ wait time, but you’d be able to serve more students more efficiently. Discover how schools like yours increased throughput, significantly shortened lines, and increased revenue using self-order kiosks in dining operations.

Thu. 03/15

12:00pm ET

Webinar: Clienteling: Beyond Customer Service

Clienteling is a technique used by commission based retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchases. Clienteling does not specifically apply to a sales person or a sales type of environment. All organizations could benefit from implementing these simple tactics into the culture of their business. Creating a better overall happiness at work for both the employee and the patron, or the teacher and the student.

There are a number of tactics and practices used to achieve this goal - tune in to learn more!