NACAS Event Schedule

January 2019

Thu. 01/17

3:00 pm ET

Webinar: Digital Federations the Key to Social Media Strategy

Auxiliary Services Marketing Professionals face unique problems when developing social media strategy because of limited resources (time, people, and money), wide varieties of programs to communicate about, and the limited geography of the market segment. On top of that people use social media platforms in different ways and for different needs. A comprehensive strategy entails, and these are the critical points of the presentation:

• Encouraging collaboration - consolidating stakeholders toward a common goal.
• Identifying specific goals for specific channels - understanding how target markets use different social media platforms and tailoring goals to that end.
• Creating federations - centralized federations for passive communications and decentralized federations for active conversations.

Thu. 01/24

1:30 pm ET

Webinar: Recognizing Microaggressions on Campus

During this conversation we will explore why it is important to have inclusive practices in campus auxiliary services, how we can recognize exclusionary spaces and common microaggressions, and what we can do about it. Participants will leave with tangible tools for recognizing and disrupting common stereotypes and microaggressions, and an appreciation for why it is important to facilitate inclusive spaces on campus.

Dr. Victoria Farris is the founder of Farris Consulting where she serves as a consultant, trainer, speaker, and coach working to support equity and inclusion in higher education. With over a dozen years of experience supporting students’ learning outside of the classroom, Victoria has served as both an associate dean of students and dean for residence life. Victoria is committed to disrupting systemic racism by supporting higher education institutions, and professionals, in cultivating more inclusive campus environments so that all students, staff, and faculty can thrive.