NACAS Event Schedule

February 2019

Tue. 02/12

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Fast, Accurate, and Secure Identification – Biometrics for Campuses

From federal credential verification requirements to the latest smartphones, in just a few short years biometric identification has moved from beyond the fringe to the latest must-have technology. Successful iris identification implementations at Georgia Southern and several other university dining halls are proving that the technology works. This presentation will feature discussions on campus biometric applications, addressing system integration and privacy concerns.

Tue. 02/19

3:00 pm ET

Virtual Roundtable: Empathy 2.0 – A Continued Conversation

At its core, empathy is an awareness - when practiced, it’s an understanding. How do you adopt empathy as a daily practice and apply it in the workplace? Even further, how does this process weave it’s way into your leadership style and impact your management? In a small group setting, join the conversation on how to address team challenges through empathy.

This Virtual Roundtable will have limited space available so that conversation can remain intimate and give you the space to actively listen and also ask questions. Brief pre-roundtable materials will be provided prior to the call to prepare for the discussion. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to submit questions ahead of time so come prepared to talk!

Wed. 02/27

Webinar: Food Allergy Management: How is your Campus Doing?

In Canada, approximately 150,000 students enrolled in more than 225 universities and colleges are affected by food allergies. While students are expected to manage their condition, there are ways your institution can assist to help them feel safe, supported and included. Learn more about managing food allergies on your campus and considerations for developing or updating policies/practices related to food allergy and anaphylaxis as well as having stock epinephrine on hand.