NACAS Event Schedule

June 2019

Sun. 06/02

June 2, 2019

NACAS East CX 2019

Designed and delivered by your own professional peers, NACAS East CX gives you the best opportunity to address your needs, nurture relationships, and easily seek out other campus service leaders that have similar interests, requirements, and visions for how to empower campus communities. Learn More

Tue. 06/11

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Creating an Inclusive Campus Dining Program Rooted in Education

Special dietary requirements go beyond balancing the guilty pleasures with healthy choices, but instead are vital to student wellness and safety. For schools with meal plan requirements, balancing student’s medical, financial, or cultural needs has become an increasingly hot topic within food services on how to best provide inclusive options for students without negatively impacting day to day operations. William & Mary has built a dynamic program that connects students with a board-certified dietitian and subject-area experts to review student-submitted requests for dietary accommodations with the ultimate goal of supporting a student’s long-term well-being. Come learn how to create a dynamic team that supports a highly inclusive dining program promoting campus food education and individual wellness.

Wed. 06/12

2:00 pm ET

Virtual Roundtable: Choosing to Show Up When Winning Seems Impossible

Join Kelsey Harmon Finn, NACAS CEO, as she tackles the question of how and why we should show up when it feels like there's no chance of winning in the workplace. We will tackle the question of why winning seems necessary? Is there another way to look at how we show up? How do we make progress when it can feel like there are only winners and losers? We encourage you to reflect and share on your own experience on teams where men typically dominate executive positions. There will be time for sharing and group conversation. Let’s work together to get unstuck!

Mon. 06/17

3:00 pm ET

Webinar: Conference & Event Management – An Internal Revenue Partnership

Most, if not all, departments on campus hold meetings and events throughout the academic year and summer. Additionally, most of them do not have meeting planning expertise or designated staff to organize these events. Because of this, these events end up squeezing the department's budget and may not be profitable or as successful as desired. Taking the burden off an administrative assistant or intern and using a third party planning service, such as a campus Conference and Event departments, creates savings in both time and finances. This webinar will show how you can partner with the community and other campus departments to create successful conferences and events both on and off campus, while saving money for the departments and making money as the planner. In some cases you may already have the staff available through conference services departments already on your campus. We will discuss how to start and grow this type of service based on your campus needs.

Learning Objectives:
How to market and sell Conference Services
Developing external relationships and contracts
Understanding the technology needed
Menu of provided Services and fee structures

Tue. 06/18

3:00 pm ET

Webinar: Successfully Implementing and Managing e-Scooters

Electric scooters provide students and staff with a fast and personalized transportation option to assist in navigating campus space. However, this creates potential parking hazards due to scooters being left outside of designated parking areas, the possibility of enforcing scooter-free zones, and safety risks for students without protective equipment. Come learn about the University of Texas' successful best practices and policies on how to effectively implement and manage this innovative new transportation option.

Wed. 06/19

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: College Stores – What’s Next?

Back by popular demand! An update on how college bookstores are responding to dynamic challenges in course material delivery while managing KPI. This is an opportunity to participate at a high level industry trend, scalability of Inclusive Access (IA) and navigating the OER landscape.

Thu. 06/20

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Beer, Food, and Education: Three Distinct Revenue Streams in One Package

The mission of most auxiliary enterprise operations includes the support and success of our respective student populations. Measuring our impact on student success can be a nebulous thing, and we tend to fall back to the easily measurable financial contribution we provide to the institutions we serve.

In this webinar, we will explore the measurable learning outcomes of the first educational brew pub operated by students operating on a college campus from a student success perspective while exploring new revenue streams for enterprise operations in partnership with the university extension.

Fri. 06/21

2:00 pm ET

Virtual Roundtable – Professional Development through NACAS

No question is too big or too small for this roundtable! Interact with NACAS' Director of Member Engagement and the volunteer Membership Committee to learn all about the many member benefits that are designed to keep your auxiliaries running smoothly! From downloading RFP templates or job descriptions to connecting with members of a similar institution type, size, and more, we will discuss what tools are at your disposal and help attendees navigate the unfamiliar benefits that are just waiting to be put to use. We will be taking questions ahead of time to prepare an agenda for the roundtable, so don't hesitate to let us know what you'd like to hear about!

Wed. 06/26

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: How to Conduct a Self-Study of Auxiliaries

There are a number of ways to conduct a self-study, including the new CAS Multifunctional Frameworks Assessment, which allows you to pull from a range of sets of standards to avoid having to do several separate self-studies. Typically, a department will conduct a self-assessment, examining evidence they collect to determine the extent to which they are aligned in the practices highlighted in the standards. However, it can be difficult to feel confident in a self-study without understanding best practices of how to develop both accurate, actionable, and reliable findings for the institution. Come learn about how to align your programs with standards, the use of the Multifuctional Frameworks Assessment, and how to conduct self-assessment and program review using the CAS Standards.