NACAS Event Schedule

July 2019

Tue. 07/02

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Swipe It Forward – Engaging Campus Partners to Reduce Meal Insecurity

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) room and board matches a dining plan to the type of housing a student resides in. These plans range from unlimited meals (required in first year housing), to plans that consist of varying combinations of meal swipes and dining points. Approximately half of our undergraduate students and most Graduate students live off campus, giving them the option to downgrade or opt out of meal plan altogether. Occasionally, this results in students finding themselves in a position where they do not have the resources or time to obtain a meal. While this issue is not easy to track solely from a dining standpoint, our Campus Partners' interactions with students often put them in a position to know which students may be in need. "Swipe it Forward" is a temporary assistance program created by RISD Dining that empowers Campus Partners to provide free meals to students who have come to them for help. Learn how meals are donated to the "meal bank", how this program functions using CBORD menu management system, and how valuable this collaborative effort has been for areas such as Residential Life, Counselling Services, Financial Aid, Public Safety, the Dean's Office and Health Services on the RISD campus.

Wed. 07/10

3:00 pm ET

Webinar: Alternative Revenue Stream Through Unused Residence Halls

When faced with a surplus of residence hall rooms and no immediate need for usage, the University of Missouri developed a program where suites could be rented for weekend intervals to visiting family members or guests. This program became popular for athletic events, family visits, and campus-hosted events, providing guests a safe and convenient place to stay while earning additional revenue for the university. The ability to rent residence hall rooms can be adjusted depending on vacancies and enrollment, making the program fairly easy to implement when needed and withdrawn when student activities are higher per semester/ year. Learn how University of Missouri created the program, leveraged the necessary staff to upkeep the rooms for guests, and the successes found through the innovative new program.

Thu. 07/11

2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Conference & Event Services Business Model Assessment

Consideration of the financial environments our departments operate under is essential. Understanding and defending a conference and event services operation’s role related to an institution's financial bottom line and other desired returns is a second critical step. So, how do these operations ensure they are maximizing and communicating a desired return?

Attendees will hear simple yet deliberate steps for reviewing a conference and event services business model, its various components, and the processes and priorities which drive how the operation makes a significant impact at an institution. Attendees will have opportunity to consider strategies to review activities that will produce daily and breakthrough operational results, make any necessary sustainable adjustments, and create metrics designed to assess and report on outcomes.

Thu. 07/18

1:00 pm ET

Webinar: Impacting Student Success by Combating Food Insecurity

The rise of food insecurities across college campuses can affect the success of college. Participants who attend this webinar will better understand how developing a student food pantry can positively influence students on an academic and social level. Presenters from Florida International University’s Division of Academic and Student Affairs will share how the student food pantries meet student’s basic needs and increase retention rates. This presentation will also include the history of student food pantries at Florida International University, student success assessment plans, building collaborative partnerships, and developing a sustainable pantry program.

Sun. 07/21

July 21, 2019

NACAS Central/West CX 2019

NACAS Central and NACAS West are joining forces to co-host a CX conference that will deliver an exchange of campus-centric ideas, solutions, and connections. Learn More

Tue. 07/30

2:00 PM ET

Webinar: Digital Bookstores: Using Social Media to Drive Sales Date

Auxiliary Service Marketing Professionals have the unique opportunity to use social media to drive sales within new or existing campus federations. E-Commerce is growing to be a bigger and bigger field, with most students preferring online shopping rather than the traditional brick and mortar operations. Come learn how to better utilize social media for advertising your campus brand, communicating promotions, and increase overall revenue. We will share resources around media kits and digital marketing strategies utilized by other E-Commerce companies, as well as the data supporting their benefits.