NACAS Event Schedule

March 2020

Tue. 03/10

2:00 p.m. ET

Webinar: Using Value to Explain Parking Permit Price Increases

As a self-funded auxiliary, the University of Houston Parking and Transportation Services Department relies on user fees to fund its entire operation. Parking permit sales comprise the largest portion of revenue for the department and therefore have been the primary means of raising additional revenue to meet rising costs. Over the past several years the department has worked to reorganize the operation in a way that provides better value to permit holders, while also being more aggressive in capturing other revenue opportunities. However, simply doing better isn’t enough – an organization must also promote its efforts to help its customers understand the value proposition of its service. This presentation will explore the initiatives and program changes designed to increase the value of a parking permit as well as the efforts to better distribute costs among a larger variety of users and how this is being communicated to the campus community.