NACAS Event Schedule

August 2022

Wed. 08/10

1:00 PM Eastern


This half-day, virtual program is geared toward those who plan on taking the CASP exam with our remote option. Candidates who apply before the end of November can test within the December 1-31 window, or in 2023. Attendees will get access to resources to help master content areas, tips for decreasing test anxiety, and will have the opportunity to bond with other auxiliary professionals who are on the path to certification.
Join key volunteers from the NACAS Certification Commission as the content outline is discussed, as well as an in-depth review of retired exam questions to understand key concepts and terms. Individuals with an open CASP application are eligible to join at no cos. All participation is welcome!

Fri. 08/12

2:00 PM Eastern

Webinar: Adopting Daily Rates: a Winding Road & Lessons Learned

The Transportation Services team at UC Davis took no respite from the COVID-19-induced reduced operations. Instead, they took the opportunity to invert the Campus Parking paradigm by UC Davis, developing and implementing a Daily Rate parking program that eliminates most monthly and annual permit options. Inverting the paradigm was not without challenges. The entire business model had to be entirely rethought and adapted. We describe this journey as a curved roadway. We have made several lane changes over the past year and one significant detour. Even still, UC Davis is still making adjustments and learning lessons.

Presented by:
Perry Eggleston, Executive Director, Transportation Services, UC Davis
Linda Braak, Director, Customer Care and Planning, UC Davis
Ramon Zavala, Transportation Demand Manager, UC Davis