They run bookstores, card offices, and conference services. They are Directors of Auxiliary Services, Directors of Business Operations, and Associate Vice-Presidents. They are the non-academic support. The campus experts. Meet some of the first 100 people who didn’t just take CASP, they are CASP. Certified experts who are setting the industry standard, by breaking old barriers and creating new expectations.

These individuals are creating a new definition for auxiliary services professionals. They are using their CASP designation to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate aptitude, and to find success.

Sharon Boyd

Associate Vice Chancellor
UNC – Wilmington
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Keith Chapman

Managing Director Auxiliary Services
Belmont University
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Christopher Clifford

AVP for Business and Aux Services
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Anthony Coschignano

Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
Valparaiso University
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Raymond Dennis

Assoc. VP, Aux Mgmt & Bus Services
Loyola Marymount University

Benjamin Perlman

Director, Student Unions
Emory University

Samuel Samaan

Sir, Hospitality Svs
Azusa Pacific University
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