CASP Roster

Below is a list of all current CASP designees and their certification expiration dates.

Roster of Current CASP Holders



Good Thru

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Stephan Aiello

Queens College - CUNY

November, 2017

Ana Alvarez, CPA

UNC - Charlotte

October, 2020

Mariola Arriola

University of Illinois at Chicago

November, 2019

Abbas Badani

Penn State - University Park

October, 2020

William Ballard

University of Vermont

November, 2019

Stephen Barr

Virginia Commonwealth University

November, 2019

Bob Barry

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

November, 2019

Craig Barth

California State University, Sacramento

November, 2017

Jesse Batten

Winston-Salem State University

November, 2019

Shirley Bean

Highline Community College

November, 2017

Amy Beckstrom

University of Colorado - Boulder

November, 2020

Jessica Bender

Palm Beach State College

March, 2018

Kim Berry

Penn State - Berks

October, 2018

Sharon Boyd

UNC - Wilmington

November, 2019

Kay Brown

University of the West Indies

October, 2018

Phyllis Bullock

Virginia State University

June, 2018

Matt Camino

University of the Pacific

November, 2017

Ron Campbell


June, 2017

Susan Caples

University of Alabama

October, 2018

Jean Ann Caywood

Savannah State University

June, 2020

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