NACAS Benchmarking

Unlock key findings to move your auxiliary portfolio forward

2021 Executive Summary

Demonstrating the value of our industry

Last year, NACAS unveiled its first-ever benchmarking program that collects data from all auxiliary services on campuses across the U.S. and Canada. This gave us a snapshot of what services were like before the pandemic. A year later, we can see the impact this global crisis has had, not only on our industry but on higher education as a whole.

This helps us paint a picture of our successes and our losses. It shows how the auxiliary services industry can step up and in to support student success, especially during difficult times. Using this data, you will be able to highlight institutions that found unprecedented resiliency by pivoting their services, identify valuable connections, leverage creative solutions, and make actionable changes on your campus.

2021 Benchmarking Dashboard

The 2021 Benchmarking Dashboards are availble now. Thank you to all participants who helped make Year 2 such a success!

The Benchmarking Dashboard is only available to those members who completed the survey. Didn’t receive a dashboard access email? Please contact

Important Details

About: The NACAS Benchmarking program collects data from NACAS members each year to help college service leaders unlock key findings of how industry peers are establishing the mark and learn how their own campuses are trailblazing the industry. We partnered with Vault Consulting to make it easier for college service leaders to interpret, manipulate, and present data.

How It Works: Every NACAS institutional member has an opportunity to participate in the benchmarking survey. Members should look for an email from Vault, which will contain a unique survey link for their institution. Campus colleagues will need to coordinate amongst themselves to determine the best way to collect data and submit the survey on behalf of the institution. By completing a survey, you will have access to the full survey report through an interactive dashboard. All other members that don’t participate in the survey will receive a written executive summary for free.

Dates & Deadlines

  • Next Data Collection Period: February 2022

Questions? Here’s Who to Contact: 

  • Membership Benefit/Program: Contact NACAS
  • Data/Survey/Benchmarking Metrics: Contact Vault

Next Steps

Update your membership roster with NACAS. The primary contact of each institution can update rosters directly online by logging into their NACAS profile and navigating to the ‘Roster’ section of the left navigation menu. Edit privileges can be granted to others on the member roster by endorsing the checkbox for ‘Edit Roster Permission’ in the Roster editing tool. New contacts can be added to a member roster by any active member by using the +Add Contact button in the top navigation menu above the user profile. Any member can also contact or call us at (434) 245-8425 to make adjustments.

Add Vault to your contacts. Survey links and dashboard access will be communicated and managed through Vault Consulting. Add to your contacts to ensure emails do not get forwarded to your spam folder.

Download the Excel version of the survey. An Excel version of the survey will be available to download when you receive your unique survey link. You can also download it here. Use this tool to prepare and streamline data collection amongst your campus colleagues.

Prepare your information. We believe each campus should be able to complete 100% of the benchmarking survey by working across silos and obtaining data from various auxiliary service departments, even if one is not directly in your immediate portfolio. At a minimum, institutions must finish the Classification, Balance Sheet, and at least one of the specific auxiliary service sections to be included as a complete submission.

  • Classification: To obtain details on your institution’s demographics (most of this will be pre-populated with your NACAS data)
  • Balance Sheet: To collect your total revenue and expenses, inclusive of your entire portfolio
  • Specific Auxiliary Service Sections: Food Services, Bookstores, Housing, and Parking

Who is Vault?

About Vault: As a full-service accounting and research firm, Vault manages rigorous business functions that require the highest degrees of accuracy and security. At Vault, we care about our clients’ goals as much as they do and use an integrated partnership model in the delivery of our services. Our professionals fuse seamlessly with client teams to adopt their missions and assess both their strategic and functional needs. Our collaborative approach allows us to partner successfully with our clients so that they can deliver unmatched value to their communities.

Confidentiality: Vault Consulting will be conducting this survey and compiling results for NACAS, ensuring the confidentiality of individual institution data. Vault will publish only aggregated data with a sufficient number of responses to prevent any institution’s data from being exposed and will not share, query or publish any individual survey data with any other entity, including NACAS staff.


Lauren Cox