NACAS Benchmarking

We’re making data easy to digest, present, and activate. Participate in the annual NACAS Benchmarking program to gain access to the interactive reporting tool that will help you learn how industry peers are establishing the mark and how your campus can get on the same page.


An exciting venture for NACAS

Auxiliary services play a role in your students’ success stories, so to help you find data that explains how, NACAS is proud to present the first-ever benchmarking program that collects data from all of the auxiliary services on their campuses.

The NACAS Benchmarking program collects data from NACAS members each year to help college service leaders unlock key findings about how industry peers are establishing the mark and learn how their own campuses are trailblazing the industry. We partnered with Vault Consulting to make it easier for college service leaders to interpret, manipulate, and present data.

Benchmarking Executive Summary and Dashboard

We are happy to announce that the 2020 Benchmarking Executive Summary is now available for our members and business partners to review. Thank you to all participants and volunteers who helped turn this vision into a reality!

The Benchmarking Dashboard is only available to those members who completed the survey. Didn’t receive a dashboard access email? Please contact

Who is Vault?

About Vault: As a full-service accounting and research firm, Vault manages rigorous business functions that require the highest degrees of accuracy and security. At Vault, we care about our clients’ goals as much as they do and use an integrated partnership model in the delivery of our services. Our professionals fuse seamlessly with client teams to adopt their missions and assess both their strategic and functional needs. Our collaborative approach allows us to partner successfully with our clients so that they can deliver unmatched value to their communities.

Confidentiality: Vault Consulting will be conducting this survey and compiling results for NACAS, ensuring confidentiality of individual institution data. Vault will publish only aggregated data with a sufficient number of responses to prevent any institution’s data from being exposed and will not share, query or publish any individual survey data with any other entity, including NACAS staff.


Rachael Friedman
Senior Analyst
Vault Consulting, LLC