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Report: Student Success and Auxiliary Employment Study

Auxiliaries are commonly among the largest employers of students on college campuses. As the cost of living and education expenses rise, students across the country need jobs to pay the bills and support their academic studies. To explore what motivates today’s working college student and understand the potential impact that auxiliaries can have on the student experience through employment, NACAS Research conducted a national survey in partnership with Riddle & Bloom.

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Infographic: How Do Students Define Success?

NACAS Research has found that there is a direct positive correlation between students who consider themselves highly successful and the rate at which they believe auxiliary services is important to their success.

We believe auxiliary service professionals can close this gap between perceived importance and the feeling of direct impact. What students are asking for to improve their success is outside the classroom access: more time with academic staff, access to their community and peer-to-peer mentoring, and more access to you as auxiliary services professionals and student employers.

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