Meet the NACAS Office

Based in Charlottesville, VA, the NACAS staff serve the needs of the board of directors and its committees. For general inquiries, contact the NACAS office at 434-245-8425 / and someone will assist you.

Finance & Human Resources
Chris Dastoli, MBA, CMA

Staff Liaison
Finance Committee

(434) 234-8206

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Chief Executive Officer
Kelsey Harmon Finn

Staff Liaison
NACAS Board of Directors
NACAS Foundation Board of Directors
Nominating Committee

(434) 245-8425

Jaclyn Galan

(434) 234-8210

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Abby Hazekamp

Staff Liaison
Communication Services Committee

(434) 234-8205

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Lindsay Hodges

(434) 234-8215

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Program Support
William Hurley

(434) 234-8201

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Business Partner/Institutional Benefits
Joanna Kessling

Staff Liason
Awards Committee

(434) 234-8209

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Executive Assistant
Marcia Oakley

(434) 234-8203

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Lead of Programs & Services
DJ Pepito

Staff Liason
Research Advisory Group
Professional Development Committee

(434) 270-0996

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Database & Systems
Mark Sherrill

(434) 234-8211

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Associate Executive Director
Lillian De Lisle Stott

Staff Liaison
Certification Commission
Committee Chair Council

(434) 234-8213

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Jeff Tice

Staff Liaison
Membership Committee
Canadian Committee
NACAS Regions


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Lead of Business Development
Kennedy Turner

Staff Liaison
Business Partner Advisory Group
NACAS Foundation

(434) 234-8214

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Event Logistics
Ashley Vercellone

Staff Liaison
C3X Committee

(434) 234-8202

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Jacquelyn Wright

(434) 234-8208

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