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NACAS Leadership Series

An interactive training experience for leaders in auxiliary services

The NACAS Leadership Series, presented by PrismRBS, seeks to provide auxiliary service professionals with tailor-made programs to boost them into the next level of their learning journey.

We invite you to join us for one or more of our newly-designed events. INITIATE your career at the Emerging Professionals Academy. Learn about the INTERSECT between organizational politics and collaborative leadership at the Institute for Leadership & Management. Discover how to INTEGRATE industry trends and business models at the Senior Executive Summit.

Emerging Professionals Academy

June 24-26, 2020 | Fort Worth, TX

Inviting high-performing professionals new to the auxiliary services industry who show ambition for growth in the field and seek to initiate their career advancement.

Learn how to confidently communicate your value and take charge as you assume new roles and responsibilities. Explore the challenges facing the auxiliary services industry and their overall impact on the student experience by participating in a case study. You will leave with the skills necessary to leverage and build relationships, and the know-how to successfully navigate campus politics.

Institute for Leadership & Management

June 12-14, 2020 | Boston, MA

Precedes the NACAS East CX 2020 Annual Regional Conference.

Inviting campus auxiliary service leaders working at management and director levels who seek to better understand the organizational politics and collaborative leadership involved with managing multiple operations.

Take the next step to develop your career in auxiliaries with the business savvy to negotiate fairly, supervise effectively, and budget wisely. In small group discussions, you will address the challenges and solutions facing today’s students, including mental health, hunger, and homelessness. Gain insight into the latest innovative technology and collectively explore solutions that will boost productivity, profits, and overall campus experiences.

Senior Executive Summit

July 15-17, 2020 | Palm Springs, CA

Inviting campus auxiliary service executives working at a senior leadership level with oversight of multiple services and a vision for campus transformation.

With so many challenges facing the industry today, are you doing all you can to create environments where your students can succeed? Arrive ready to explore alternative revenue streams, impactful business models, succession planning options, and solutions that work. Discuss the future of higher education as it relates to issues like affordability and enrollment trends. Hear the latest legislative initiatives coming out of Washington, D.C. as our representatives work to address the rising cost of tuition on a national scale. Come together as a group to collectively and collaboratively reframe the auxiliary services narrative.

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