NACAS Research

Providing the data and insights that you need to propel your institution into the future.

Helping You Transform with Data

NACAS is focused on helping leaders in auxiliary services transform their schools and serve their students.

That’s why we launched NACAS Research; we’re here to provide the information that you need to enrich student experiences across the globe. Armed with new solutions, resources, and innovative ideas, you will be better prepared to take on challenges and stay relevant to the ever-changing student.

NACAS Research will review the membership’s insights and common questions surrounding the student experience. We will then analyze data from student surveys and business partner industry insights to recommend best practices, anticipate student demands, and optimize revenue-generating opportunities.

So what?

NACAS Research reports will demonstrate the value of auxiliaries and how they enrich the lives of students on college campuses.

Auxiliaries advance the livelihood of students across the country every single day and NACAS Research will help you tell your narrative. As NACAS Research explores the auxiliary impact on the student experience, we will keep our reports short and simple to help you through your day-to-day but not take too much time away from it. Our findings will share snapshots of student experiences, communicating their stories and unique needs with our membership. We will provide our members with “best practices” guides for a broad range of auxiliary service departments and most importantly, stay relevant and flexible to your inquiries and research needs.

NACAS Research is here to help you help students. Are you ready to future-proof your campus?