Meet the NACAS Staff

The NACAS staff serves the needs of the board of directors, its committees and members. For general inquiries, contact the NACAS office at (434) 245-8425 or email our staff and someone will assist you.

Chief Executive Officer
Matt Marcial

Staff Liaison
NACAS Board of Directors
NACAS Foundation Board of Directors
Nominating Committee
(434) 234-8212

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Chief Learning Officer
Sheena Majette

(301) 875-9938

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Programs & Services Manager
Raj White

Staff Liaison
Certification Committee
Professional Development Committee
(434) 234-8207

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Executive Assistant to the CEO & Volunteer Experience Manager
Beverly Hastings

Staff Liaison
Awards Committee
Committee Chair Council
(434) 234-8209

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Director of Regions
Lynette Smith

Staff Liaison
NACAS Regions
(434) 234-8206

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General Information

(434) 245-8425

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