April 21–24, 2024
Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort

Creating and Cultivating the College Experience

The NACAS South CX conference provides the premier exchange of campus-centric ideas, solutions, and connections to your regional area. Designed and delivered by your own professional peers, this event gives you the best opportunity to isolate your needs and nurture your relationships. At South CX, you can easily seek out other campus service leaders that have similar interests, requirements, and visions for how to empower campus communities.






Dr. Esmeralda Valdez, Moderator; Shannon Goodman, Kate Howard and Destin Tucker - Opening Keynote Panel

Session: How Can Auxiliary Services Help Achieve University Goals for Enrollment and Retention as We Face the Enrollment Cliff?

As universities prepare for the inevitable drop in enrollment, learn how enrollment experts are planning and how auxiliary services can support their colleagues and students. 
Dsiney Insititute


Disney Keynote

Session: Disney's Approach to Quality Service

Service is not just about hiring friendly people and hoping they will deliver customer service that is better than your competitor’s service. Exceptional service results when companies excel in three areas: the careful design of service, the intentional and flawless delivery of service, and the construction of a recovery safety net when service does not go according to plan.