The NACAS West Region Welcomes You.


About NACAS West

As the western region of NACAS, composed of 13 U.S. states and territories, Canadian provinces, and other countries, we support the mission of our National Association by offering extended, accessible, and regionally-relevant value to our members through a suite of programs designed to foster professional development, facilitate a cherished network of colleagues, and cultivate collaboration. In NACAS West, you have a wonderful opportunity to nurture high-return relationships, enjoy intimate interactions, and develop your leadership skills. We’re excited to show the amazing experiences we have in store for you!

Member Benefits

NACAS members enjoy benefits offered at a national level, as well as benefits that NACAS West has created especially for campus auxiliary service leaders located at higher education institutions within our region. These benefits include opportunities to gain regional recognition through volunteer leadership and awards, build your professional network, and access targeted professional development programs.


The value of involvement in NACAS West is all about the rich experiences our members take away from participation in events. There is something to be said for the power of a handshake with a cool new colleague, an idea-generating hallway conversation with a speaker you just heard, or a hug from a familiar friend. We are dedicated to delivering these moments, and making sure they are centered around topics you need to improve your daily work, and enrich campus experiences at your institution.

Business Partners

NACAS is a professional trade association that supports the non-academic segment of higher education responsible for generating business through a diverse array of campus services that students need and value – such as food services, bookstores, housing, and transportation. NACAS West is comprised of U.S. states and territories, Canadian provinces, and other countries. Membership in NACAS West offers business partners numerous advantages to reach the higher education market, which generates more than $39 billion dollars annually from campus services. We’d love to share with you the many opportunities you have to build your brand on the many campuses located in NACAS West!