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NACAS Membership

NACAS is where campus service visionaries and top solution innovators converge

Every day, our Institution and Business Partners members collaborate to create customized service solutions that are meaningful to their campus community. These solutions generate reinvested revenue and empower students with advantages and choices that enrich their campus experience. NACAS provides the richest bank of data, resources, educational experiences, leadership development, connections, and progressive business models to fuel this high-level collaboration.

If you are a leader dedicated to designing, developing, and implementing service solutions that transform and future-proof campus environments, then you have a home in NACAS!

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Annual Membership - Based on Full Time Enrollment of Institution (US & Canada)


Our Members

Creating services students want in ways they never imagined were possible

Our members work at a leadership level within 4-year and 2-year colleges and universities located worldwide. They oversee multiple auxiliary services, making executive decisions that create hospitable and well-rounded campus communities. With buying power, business acumen, and a vision for how modernized services can elevate campus experiences, they lead change for the benefit of students and the health of their institutions.

Here are some of the most highly represented services among our members:


Retail Food Services: 84%


Bookstores: 79%


Vending: 79%


Card Systems: 77%


Conference & Events: 76%


Retail Stores: 73%

Membership Benefits

Delivering enviable education, exchanges, and experiences

NACAS taps into its robust network of subject matter experts to produce superior professional development programs that will train you on the latest practices, strategies, and models to positively transform campus experiences. From webinars and virtual roundtables to the NACAS Marketplace and the Lounge, you will always find the right resources to fit your needs.

Looking to connect on a more localized level? Your NACAS membership connects you to your region, which hosts networking and education on an annual basis.

Your group membership allows any employee of a member institution or business partner organization can access NACAS online benefits,  member rates, or free access to professional development opportunities.

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Business Partners

NACAS helps grow your business in higher education landscapes

Business Partners are essential to the fabric of NACAS and offer a wide range of solutions that meet the needs and desires of our institutional members and their students. Every day, thousands of NACAS members and Business Partners collaborate to create customized campus services that are unique and meaningful to each school’s community. Let NACAS serve as your gateway to hundreds of schools and facilitate introductions to higher education leaders seeking the right solutions to enrich campus experiences.

An annual Business Partner membership is $1000.

Business Partner Benefits


Up to 1,000

Annual Dues


1,001 - 2,499

Annual Dues


2,500 - 3,999

Annual Dues


4,000 - 6,999

Annual Dues


7,000 - 11,999

Annual Dues


12,000 - 19,999

Annual Dues


20,000 - 29,999

Annual Dues



Annual Dues


International - For institutions outside of the US and Canada

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