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The benefit of engaging in a live online event is the ability to ask questions and contribute to a collaborative dialogue. The delivery of course material may spark areas of curiosity that you can address with content leaders in real time or during the question & answer segment of the event.

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Webinar: Food Allergy Management: How is your Campus Doing?
February 27 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Beatrice Povolo, Director of Advocacy & Media Relations of Food Allergy Canada & Joni Huang, Consultant of Food Allergy Canada

In Canada, approximately 150,000 students enrolled in more than 225 universities and colleges are affected by food allergies. While students are expected to manage their condition, there are ways your institution can assist to help them feel safe, supported and included. Learn more about managing food allergies on your campus and considerations for developing or updating policies/practices related to food allergy and anaphylaxis as well as having stock epinephrine on hand.

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Webinar: Creating a Successful Inclusive Access Program
March 14 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenters: Gian Hidalgo, Mgr Trainee at the University of Hawaii at Manoa & Staci Yoshihara, Fiscal Administrator at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Learn how the University of Hawaii setup, implemented, and grew its inclusive-access program from 2 unique courses to 340 unique courses within two years. They will share sample materials and tools to help create or enhance your inclusive-access program. Learn about the challenges and successes along the way, as well as the financial impact inclusive-access has on the bookstore and its students it serves.

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Webinar: Commencement Planning - Balancing Large Event Management
March 27 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Kavinda Arthenayake, Director of College Events, Conference Services, and Commencement at Rhode Island College.

Commencement ceremonies are one of one of the most important events held on a college campus that celebrates the crowning achievements of our students – Graduation. These ceremonies must be student centered and focus on celebrating our graduates, family, friends, faculty and staff. This session will focus on [a] large event management [b] review cost structures [c] find innovative ways to reduce costs and bring additional revenue. To do so, we will look at two very different Commencement ceremonies – An outdoor ceremony where over 4,000 graduates receive their live diplomas with over 23,000 in attendance; and an indoor smaller ceremony with 1,300 graduates and 10,000 attendees that is being completely revamped.

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Virtual Roundtable: How White Women Show up in the Workplace
March 28 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Dr. Victoria Farris, Founder of Farris Consulting and Kelsey Harmon Finn, NACAS CEO

Join Dr. Victoria Farris, Founder of Farris Consulting and Kelsey Harmon Finn, NACAS CEO, as they discuss how white women traditionally show up in the workplace.

Dr. Farris’ background in equity and inclusion in the higher education setting will set the stage for dialogue as she examines her background and how it shaped her work in having these provocative conversations - How do white women show up in the workplace? Why have white women been conditioned to show up in this manner? How can the status quo be disrupted so that white women can show up advocating for others? Learn tips, tricks and take home resources, as Kelsey and Victoria dig into these (sometimes) hard to have conversations. You’ll have your chance to participate in the discussion and ask questions!

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Webinar: How do you Maximize your Public Print Program?
April 2 | 2019 3:00pm

Presenters: Jim Dwyer, Executive Director of Auxiliary Business Services at Arizona State University & Krystal Lewis, Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships for Auxiliary Business Services at Arizona State University

ASU’s managed print program will be discussed including the student experience and partnership initiatives. The current print program serves approximately 70,000 students across four campuses. Insight into ASU’s managed print program can help to serve as an example of how to leverage partnerships and provide effective services to a larger audience. Participants will actively engage in polling to understand trends around user experience, pricing, balancing demand and sustainability goals and leveraging institutional (internal) print management.

Revenue – Business Model, Pricing, etc.
Sustainability – Print avoidance, default to duplex and black & white, 100% recycled paper, etc.
Student Success – Convenience, accessibility, etc.

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Webinar: Continued Conversations: State of the Higher Education P3 Industry
April 4 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Jeff Turner, Executive Vice President at Brailsford & Dunlavey, Inc., Mark Ironside, Executive Director, University Business Services at Lehigh University, and Erin Kintzer, Director of Real Estate Services at Lehigh University.

This presentation will be a continuation and update to the previous presentation on the state of P3s in the higher education industry at C3X 2018. With so many higher education public-private partnership (P3) projects underway nationwide, and with so many others being considered, we have heard for years the market is exploding. Is it? And how does this answer change as we look at different school types and other differences? B&D’s Executive Vice President Jeff Turner will share the results of the firm’s first annual comprehensive survey of higher education P3 transactions. With an eye toward housing, this survey attempted to capture every P3 project since 2014. Metrics captured include total project cost, deal structure, ground lease term, region, student enrollment, and more. This first annual “snapshot” produced some fascinating results, including trends—and lack thereof. This data will empower campus professionals exploring development projects. Furthermore, Mr. Turner will discuss the emergence of higher education P3 projects for energy, innovation districts, student unions, parking, academic buildings, and more. These projects may change how schools plan, making this an important, timely discussion. Attendees will also hear about how they can contribute to the Higher Ed P3 Resource Center (www.p3resourcenter.com) the industry’s central library.

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Webinar: Continued Conversations: Our Student Center & Atrium 18 Months In
April 9 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Jason Levy, Director of Student Center Operations & Conferences at Temple University

This presentation offers a continuation and update to the C3X session in Orlando about our 12 Week Renovation & Construction project in the Temple Student Center food court and Atrium. After 18 months of living with the outcome of the project, we’ll share information, lessons learned, and both operational and programmatic updates with participants. Those in attendance will develop a greater understanding of how just in time decisions making during a project can both help and hinder longer term success. Attendees will also learn more about the partnership with Aramark during their first 18 months on campus. As the first project in their new contract with Temple, we have learned a great deal about each other along the way. Presenters will share useful info, things to consider, potential brand/concept changes, and other programmatic, operational and financial information as we move towards our second summer with our new partners and our new space.

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Webinar: Leveraging your NACAS Member Benefits
April 17 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Corey Salem, Director of Member Engagement at NACAS

How can NACAS help you source impactful resources and solutions that you can bring home to your campus? Whether you're a seasoned NACAS member or a fresh face on your institution's roster, join our webinar to learn how you can build your own unique membership experience through use of benefits like the Marketplace, attending events like C3X, and volunteering at the regional or national level. This webinar will focus on all areas of participation; including networking, education/certification, research, collaboration, and leadership.

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Webinar: Continued Conversations: Assessing Student Worker Training Programs
April 24 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Dr. Emily Messa, Assoc. VC/VP, Administration at the University of Houston, and Rickey Frierson, Graduate Assistant in Assessment and Evaluation at the University of Houston.

This presentation will be a continuation and update to the previous presentation on student employee training at C3X 2018. We will describe our processes and methods utilized to collect information in developing a student worker training program to prepare students for their future careers. This assessment focused on the necessary experiences and workplace skills that are useful for student workers as identified by supervisors.

Research shows that working on campus enhances students’ academic performance, as well as provide students with professional experience. We conducted focus groups with supervisors within the Division of Administration and Finance at the University of Houston to identify key work place skills, behaviors and attitudes that supervisors in non-academic position believe are essential for student workers. Come learn about how we developed a training module for student workers and prepared our student employees with the tools, resources, and training to position them for success in their career path.

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Webinar: Continued Conversations: Improving Recycling in a Retail Food Court
May 24 | 2019 3:00pm

Presenters: Ed Kane, AVP of University Services at Carleton University, Sandra Nelson, Director of Strategic Procurement at Carleton University, and Chad McKenzie, Manager of Residence Maintenance and Custodial Services at Carleton University.

This presentation will be a continuation and update to the previous presentation on tackling waste generation by Carleton's University Services team at C3X 2018. Discover how we moved from a 12% waste diversion rate in March 2017 to 90+% by the end of the same year. Find out how to use Behavioral Insights (Nudge Theory) to examine the issue of waste in a Retail Food Court, modify existing processes and ultimately improve the behaviors of consumers, and dramatically reduce waste being sent to the landfill. This session will walk you through how Carleton applied the skills learned from studying "Nudge" Theory, applied those to a real campus operation, and the continuation of the project. We will also look at how this was received by the community and discuss future expansion initiatives.

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