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The benefit of engaging in a live online event is the ability to ask questions and contribute to a collaborative dialogue. The delivery of course material may spark areas of curiosity that you can address with content leaders in real time or during the question & answer segment of the event.

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Webinar: Hot Topic: Assessing Student Worker Training Programs
May 1 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Dr. Emily Messa, Assoc. VC/VP, Administration at the University of Houston, and Rickey Frierson, Graduate Assistant in Assessment and Evaluation at the University of Houston.

This presentation will be a continuation and update to the previous presentation on student employee training at C3X 2018. We will describe our processes and methods utilized to collect information in developing a student worker training program to prepare students for their future careers. This assessment focused on the necessary experiences and workplace skills that are useful for student workers as identified by supervisors.

Research shows that working on campus enhances students’ academic performance, as well as provide students with professional experience. We conducted focus groups with supervisors within the Division of Administration and Finance at the University of Houston to identify key work place skills, behaviors and attitudes that supervisors in non-academic position believe are essential for student workers. Come learn about how we developed a training module for student workers and prepared our student employees with the tools, resources, and training to position them for success in their career path.

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Webinar: Hot Topic: Strategic Planning for Auxiliary Services
May 7 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Buddy Hall, Principal at Hanbury, Ken Horvath, Chief Planning Officer at Michigan State University, and Rob White, President at Envision Strategies

In 2007, Michigan State University’s Division of Residential and Hospitality Services, one of the largest and most complex in the United States, began a comprehensive reevaluation of its operations and services delivery with the goal of helping the university improve its reputation as a World Class Land Grant institution. During an era of shrinking state support for higher education RHS embarked on an ambitious process to clarify their mission and vision, make the hard decisions about investments, and totally redefine how student services would be delivered. The plan was so successful it was updated in 2012 to sustain the momentum. Three of the key players in this process will discuss how the process was envisioned and implemented. They will talk about ways what they learned could be successfully implemented at other institutions regardless of size and lead participants in a mock visioning exercise.

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Webinar: Planning A Major Event: Free Speech, Safety and Controversy-Making It Work
May 9 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Keya Allen, Associate Executive Director at California State University - Fullerton

This webinar will provide strategies to help prepare for major events to allow for diverse and competing viewpoints to be presented in a safe and educational atmosphere. We will focus on a review of a case study from CSU Fullerton where a national controversial speaker was scheduled to speak on campus, which attracted strong attention from both supporters and critics of the speaker. The community's reaction and response demonstrated the importance of a well thought out safety and strategic plan.

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Webinar: Hot Topic: Achieving Marketing Differentiation and Campus Engagement
May 16 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Dr. Susana Brumfield, Director of Marketing and Communications at FLorida International University - MMC

This presentation will be a continuation and update to the previous presentation on ensuring marketing communications are resonating with an ever-changing campus population at C3X 2018. In an environment where students are increasingly immersed with multiple messages, while their attention span continues to decrease, it is critical that marketers understand every facet of this target audience. To accomplish this, the unit first rebranded itself as “shopFIU” and used this moniker to increase efficiencies in marketing. Over time, web, social media and campus activation initiatives each contributed to a steady growth in the awareness of the shopFIU brand. Furthermore, student engagement with the brand across digital and non-digital domains also experienced a healthy growth. Recently, however, marketing metrics revealed that digital engagement with the brand had started to plateau. After careful study of marketing metrics, message components and the current target student audience, “Gen Z”, a more comprehensive marketing strategy was developed.

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Webinar: Hot Topic: Improving Recycling in a Retail Food Court
May 24 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenters: Ed Kane, AVP of University Services at Carleton University, Sandra Nelson, Director of Strategic Procurement at Carleton University, and Chad McKenzie, Manager of Residence Maintenance and Custodial Services at Carleton University.

This presentation will be a continuation and update to the previous presentation on tackling waste generation by Carleton's University Services team at C3X 2018. Discover how we moved from a 12% waste diversion rate in March 2017 to 90+% by the end of the same year. Find out how to use Behavioral Insights (Nudge Theory) to examine the issue of waste in a Retail Food Court, modify existing processes and ultimately improve the behaviors of consumers, and dramatically reduce waste being sent to the landfill. This session will walk you through how Carleton applied the skills learned from studying "Nudge" Theory, applied those to a real campus operation, and the continuation of the project. We will also look at how this was received by the community and discuss future expansion initiatives.

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Webinar: Creating an Inclusive Campus Dining Program Rooted in Education
June 11 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Eden Harris, Associate Director of Marketing, Administration, and Licensing at the College of William and Mary & Stephanie May, Campus Dietitian & the College of William and Mary

Special dietary requirements go beyond balancing the guilty pleasures with healthy choices, but instead are vital to student wellness and safety. For schools with meal plan requirements, balancing student’s medical, financial, or cultural needs has become an increasingly hot topic within food services on how to best provide inclusive options for students without negatively impacting day to day operations. William & Mary has built a dynamic program that connects students with a board-certified dietitian and subject-area experts to review student-submitted requests for dietary accommodations with the ultimate goal of supporting a student’s long-term well-being. Come learn how to create a dynamic team that supports a highly inclusive dining program promoting campus food education and individual wellness.

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Virtual Roundtable: Choosing to Show Up When Winning Seems Impossible
June 12 | 2019 2:00pm

Presenters: Kelsey Harmon Finn, NACAS CEO

Join Kelsey Harmon Finn, NACAS CEO, as she tackles the question of how and why we should show up when it feels like there's no chance of winning in the workplace. We will tackle the question of why winning seems necessary? Is there another way to look at how we show up? How do we make progress when it can feel like there are only winners and losers? We encourage you to reflect and share on your own experience on teams where men typically dominate executive positions. There will be time for sharing and group conversation. Let’s work together to get unstuck!

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Webinar: Conference & Event Management - An Internal Revenue Partnership
June 17 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Perry Hacker, Director of the University Guest House at the University of Utah

Most, if not all, departments on campus hold meetings and events throughout the academic year and summer. Additionally, most of them do not have meeting planning expertise or designated staff to organize these events. Because of this, these events end up squeezing the department's budget and may not be profitable or as successful as desired. Taking the burden off an administrative assistant or intern and using a third party planning service, such as a campus Conference and Event departments, creates savings in both time and finances. This webinar will show how you can partner with the community and other campus departments to create successful conferences and events both on and off campus, while saving money for the departments and making money as the planner. In some cases you may already have the staff available through conference services departments already on your campus. We will discuss how to start and grow this type of service based on your campus needs.

Learning Objectives:
-How to market and sell Conference Services
-Developing external relationships and contracts
-Understanding the technology needed
-Menu of provided Services and fee structures

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Webinar: Successfully Implementing and Managing e-Scooters
June 18 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Blanca Gamez, Assistant Director of Administration and Transportation at University of Texas - Austin

Electric scooters provide students and staff with a fast and personalized transportation option to assist in navigating campus space. However, this creates potential parking hazards due to scooters being left outside of designated parking areas, the possibility of enforcing scooter-free zones, and safety risks for students without protective equipment. Come learn about the University of Texas' successful best practices and policies on how to effectively implement and manage this innovative new transportation option.

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Webinar: College Stores - What’s Next?
June 19 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Lorelle Davies, CASP, Director of Auxiliary Services at Pikes Peak Community College & Cared Ceja, CASP, Director of the Bookstore Division at California State University - Long Beach

Back by popular demand! An update on how college bookstores are responding to dynamic challenges in course material delivery while managing KPI. This is an opportunity to participate at a high level industry trend, scalability of Inclusive Access (IA) and navigating the OER landscape.

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Webinar: Beer, Food, and Education: Three Distinct Revenue Streams in One Package
June 20 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Aaron Neilson, Director of Dining Services at California State Polytechnic University - Ponoma

The mission of most auxiliary enterprise operations includes the support and success of our respective student populations. Measuring our impact on student success can be a nebulous thing, and we tend to fall back on the easily measurable financial contribution we provide to the institutions we serve.

In this webinar, we will explore the measurable learning outcomes from a student success perspective of Innovation Brew Works, the first educational brewpub operated by students on a college campus. In doing so, we will also explore new revenue streams for enterprise operations in partnership with the university extension.

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Webinar: Conference & Event Services Business Model Assessment
July 11 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Daniel Dykstra, Director of Conference Services at University of Colorado - Boulder

Consideration of the financial environments our departments operate under is essential. Understanding and defending a conference and event services operation’s role related to an institution's financial bottom line and other desired returns is a second critical step. So, how do these operations ensure they are maximizing and communicating a desired return?

Attendees will hear simple yet deliberate steps for reviewing a conference and event services business model, its various components, and the processes and priorities which drive how the operation makes a significant impact at an institution. Attendees will have opportunity to consider strategies to review activities that will produce daily and breakthrough operational results, make any necessary sustainable adjustments, and create metrics designed to assess and report on outcomes.

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Webinar: Impacting Student Success by Combating Food Insecurity
July 18 | 2019 1:00pm ET

Presenters: Dr. Anthony DeSantis, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Florida International University, & Joanna Garcia, Associate Director for the Center for Leadership and Service at Florida International University

The rise of food insecurities across college campuses can affect the success of college. Participants who attend this webinar will better understand how developing a student food pantry can positively influence students on an academic and social level. Presenters from Florida International University’s Division of Academic and Student Affairs will share how the student food pantries meet student’s basic needs and increase retention rates. This presentation will also include the history of student food pantries at Florida International University, student success assessment plans, building collaborative partnerships, and developing a sustainable pantry program.

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Webinar: Attitude Impacts Mindset - Student Success Through Mentorship
August 8 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Melvine Walker, Director of Marketing & Communications at Old Dominion University

This webinar will focus around how auxiliary service professionals can serve as mentors for students and help contribute toward their success. Student success is crucial toward the overall mission of every college or university and working in auxiliaries offers an opportunity to directly impact student futures. Changing student thinking through Attitudes, Aptitudes, and Altitudes is key to enriching their time on campus and ensuring that they are exposed to the tools needed to improve their personal, social, economic (financial wellness), academic/career (Major Track: Finish in 4). Come learn about this holistic approach toward auxiliary mentorship and how Old Dominion University has built federations across departments to work toward this goal.

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