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Bill Redwine named 2018 winner of Newton Award

NACAS is proud to announce the 2018 winner of the Robert F. Newton Award for Distinguished Service, Bill Redwine, Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services at Morehead State University. Redwine is now retired. The award was given at the C3X 2018 Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida.

“My NACAS family has meant so much to me through the years and then to be recognized by them for doing a job that I love… In reality, it’s indescribable,” Redwine said. “As I’ve grown professionally with the association, I’ve always looked up with admiration of those recipients before me and now I’m one of them. It’s a great feeling being recognized by your peers!”

The Robert F. Newton Award for Distinguished Service is the most prestigious award recognizing an individual who has displayed extraordinary and outstanding service to NACAS and to the profession. Redwine has been described by his peers as an iconic leader for the association who is a passionate advocate for the profession and the people who devote their careers to auxiliary services.

“Being a member of a professional association is a two-way street. I really believe that you get out of your membership what you put into it, so volunteering has given me the opportunity to really capitalize on that,” Redwine said. “Through my volunteer activities, I’ve developed close relationships with auxiliary professionals all across the country who I can reach out to with questions about any topic at any time and know that they are going to shoot straight with me about a particular vendor, a particular technology, or anything related.”

Redwine has impacted NACAS in fundamental ways through his leadership of the NACAS Board and his influence over the Organizational Structure Review Task Force, which led to the finalization of Regional Affiliation Agreements. He also has an accomplished record on his campus and throughout his state, where he founded and continues to champion KASA, the Kentucky Auxiliary Services Association. The NACAS South region has grown exponentially in recent years — building on the solid foundation that he provided during his years on the regional board.

“I realize that not everyone aspires to be a volunteer leader, but you can join one of many levels of volunteer levels,” Redwine said. “Organize a state association, volunteer at the regional conference, join the regional board, serve on a committee and so on. The sky’s the limit on how you can be involved as a volunteer.”

Redwine stresses the importance of the hard work that auxiliary services professionals do. It’s not all about making money — auxiliary services, in so many ways, can make or break a campus, he says. It’s a challenge, but one that he and others take on to help improve the student experience.

“The bottom line profits are important, and in lots of instances, critical to keeping the door open.  But to me, the real benefit of auxiliary services is to make the campus experience better for the students which truly are what keeps our doors open,” Redwine said. “Whether it be comfortable and clean housing, tasty and accessible food, safe and convenient transportation, or any myriad of the services we provide to a campus, making the student experience a positive one is really what it’s all about.”