Campaign for the Future

As NACAS approaches its Golden Anniversary in 2018, we reflect on 50 successful years of working to create more productive and profitable services to enrich experiences for students worldwide. To recognize this milestone, we ask you to participate in The Campaign for the Future and help to support new NACAS initiatives, including benchmarking resources, training institutes, the NACAS Marketplace, and modernized member services.

Pay it forward to pave the future

Support our profession

The commitment of the NACAS Foundation is steadfast – to continually position our members, the higher education market, and students for greatness. And this commitment is backed by thousands of members and business partners.

The Campaign will support:

Solutions to enrich campus experiences and improve quality of life for students.

Resources to inform our game-changing decisions on campus transformation.

Models to drive revenues and reinvestments that widen access for higher education.

Leadership to advance and sustain exceptional campus environments worldwide.

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Support our profession

Through generous support of members and business partners, the NACAS Foundation has been able to help fund new professional development programs, assist in improving technology, support scholarships, provide research funds, and support the CASP certification. Join the Campaign for the Future and pay it forward to pave the future.