Pay It Forward

Help support the work of the NACAS Foundation! Make a one-time donation or set up a pledge with weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly payments. You designate the amount you want to give. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Giving Opportunities

Contributions can be designated as the following.

Annual Fund

The NACAS Foundation has been instrumental in funding programs and scholarships such as CASP (Certified Auxiliary Services Professional), Institute for Managers, and professional development webinars. Gifts to the Annual Fund will provide critical support for core programs — research, data, benchmarking and overall advancements in higher education and business partnerships. The NACAS Foundation has a goal of raising $500,000 to support the future of NACAS by the association’s 50th anniversary in 2018.

Endowment Fund
This endowed fund will help NACAS support research into key areas that are important to auxiliary services, as well as help fund the development of programs designed to respond to these needs.  The fund was established in 2008, as a way to recognize the NACAS 40th anniversary and help NACAS continue its focus on the future.

David H. Lord Award for Exemplary Community Service

This award recognizes auxiliary service leaders who have made a significant contribution in volunteer time, financial support, or gift in kind to a community service on a local, national, or international basis. This service needs to encourage active citizenship and leadership by students and staff to step up and make needed changes on our campuses and in our communities.

Hassmiller CASP Scholarship

The Hassmiller CASP Scholarship provides a grant to CASP applicants who meet multiple criteria, including paying for the full application fee from their personal funds.

Mereese Ladson Diversity Scholarship

The Mereese Ladson Diversity Scholarship is intended to promote the advancement of diverse, career-minded higher education professionals and to enhance their auxiliary services skill and knowledge base through NACAS professional development programs.


Thank you to all of our individual donors!

Conference Fundraisers

Participate in conference events to support the Foundation

Various fundraisers are held during C3X and at the NACAS regional conferences.  The success of these events is due to the generous support of our business partners and those who participate in these events.  Below are some events in which you can participate to support the work of the NACAS Foundation:


Here’s your chance to win a prize and donate to a worthy cause!  The Flip-A-Coin fundraiser will be held at the upcoming NACAS regional conferences as well as at C3X 2018 in Orlando, Florida.  How does it work?  After “purchasing” a special bead necklace, eligible participants stand and are asked to put one hand on either their “head” or their “tail.”  A coin is flipped, and participants whose choice of “head” or “tail” matches the coin flip remain standing.  The process repeats until one person remains standing.  A prize, typically donated by one of the NACAS business partners, is given to the winner. Proceeds from the “sale” of the bead necklaces help support the work of the NACAS Foundation.

In 2017, $16,475 was raised through Flip-a-Coin at C3X and the regional conferences.


C3X Events

In 2017, $14,161 was raised through the C3X Silent Auction and $5,135 was raised through the Raffle. This year, we will have a Foundation Golf Tournament at Top Golf in Orlando. Please check back here and on the C3X page to see updates about other fundraising activities.