NACAS East Events

We want to make it easy for you to network with and learn from others in the auxiliary services industry. That's why we've provided a number of events made specially for East region members. Attend NACAS East CX, our annual regional conference, or On The Road for truly unique event experiences that you'll remember for a lifetime.

NACAS East CX Annual Regional Conference

The NACAS East CX conference provides the eastern region’s premier exchange of campus-centric ideas, solutions, and connections. Designed and delivered by your own professional peers, NACAS East CX gives you the best opportunity to isolate your needs, nurture relationships, and easily seek out other campus service leaders that have similar interests, requirements, and visions for how to empower campus communities.

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On the Road with NACAS East

NACAS East strives to provide members in our region with educational opportunities that are close to home. That's where On The Road comes in. Our goal is to have sessions throughout the region within a two or three hour drive.

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