NACAS East on the Road


NACAS East on the Road

Education, networking, and insights at a campus near you.

A Message from the NACAS East President

NACAS East strives to provide members in our region with educational opportunities that are close to home. That’s where On The Road comes in. Our goal is to have sessions throughout the region within a two- or three-hour drive.

On The Road sessions are presented by auxiliary professionals near you. Convenient enough to bring another person from your institution, tour the facility or operation, grab some lunch and then participate in a discussion concerning the area of interest, then be back on your campus easily within the course of a workday. Due to the pandemic, we have had to postpone some of our On The Road events but we are hoping that we can bring back this popular event in the fall of this year!

We’re looking for On The Road hosts for fall. Would you like to show off a recent renovation, how about that new food truck you just put into service? Have a great sustainability program? Want to show us how your auxiliary is helping students succeed? We would love for you to share whatever it is with your colleagues. We are seeking NACAS East On The Road programs for 2022/2023. We need programs throughout the region, so don’t hold back!

Please contact us at if you would like to schedule a program for your campus or if you have any questions.
Looking forward to seeing you on the road,

Stephen Barr, Ed.D., CASP
Director of Campus Services
Virginia Commonwealth University
NACAS East President – 2021-2022