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Welcome to NACAS East

Welcome to the NACAS East region. For those not familiar with NACAS East, our region comprises 13 states in North Eastern Region of U.S., 6 Canadian Provinces, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. I encourage you to look around and participate in all of the offerings NACAS East and NACAS have available to you.

We offer support, connections, leadership development, and resources that are related to Auxiliary/Campus services and programs that include Food Services, Housing, Bookstores, Student Centers, Capital Planning and Construction, Parking, Transportation, and Fleet Services, Mail and Print Services, Lodging, Event Management, Conferences, and Rentals, Contract Management, Trademark and Licensing, and so many more programs and services, you’ll find we have a great deal of information and experience that will be beneficial to you at your institution.

I encourage you to explore the NACAS and NACAS East sites, and please visit the NACAS East Leadership page to get to know our leadership team. One of the greatest benefits of this organization is connecting with members. You do not have to navigate the world of Auxiliaries on your own; an East member is always willing to share the experiences they have with you. You only need to reach out and ask!

If you are an existing member, welcome back! We are excited to reconnect with you and see how things are going on your campus. There has been a lot happening, and we hope you have been able to take advantage of our virtual and in-person offerings.

Speaking of in-person offerings, this year NACAS East is traveling to Philadelphia, PA for an in-person East CX conference in June! I look forward to the opportunity to connect with each of you in person. Keep an eye out for the East CX emails and let us know what we can do to make your East CX the best possible experience for you. One of the ways we can make East CX a success is by sharing ideas. While I would love to take credit for all of the great ideas I have implemented for my campus, I must give credit where credit is due. Many of the ideas or programs we implement on our campuses start by listening and connecting with others at NACAS events. The board will be focusing on delivering excellent virtual and in-person educational programs for current and prospective members via our On the Road series, East CX regional conference, as well as online. Our goal is to develop and implement what you need, so we encourage you to connect with us directly. How can we make this the best resource for you?

I encourage everyone to get involved and there are many ways to do so.

1. Attend online webinars and virtual town halls
2. Host a program on your campus! On the Road events are typically held
throughout the year.
3. Attend East CX regional conference or NACAS C3X
4. Volunteer for various NACAS events and programs

Last but certainly not least, take advantage of our educational grants. We have several grants available that provide opportunities to be funded for the East CX regional conference, the Annual Conference (NACAS C3X), or the CASP exam.

I look forward to connecting with you at one of our events!

Anthony Coschignano, CASP
Associate Vice President for Campus Services
Swarthmore College
NACAS East President – 2023-2024

NACAS East Board of Directors

On the Road

Education Grants

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