President's Welcome

Welcome to NACAS East

Hi and good day NACAS East members, Business Partners and future members – thanks for visiting the NACAS East website. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the East Region and to NACAS as a whole. Our region is comprised of 13 U.S. states, 6 Canadian provinces, and the United Kingdom and Ireland. We are international in reach, generous by nature, and place a premium on professional education.

Please take some time to explore the site, dive into the resources available, and learn about our programs, services, volunteer opportunities and volunteers. We have a unique role on our campuses – we serve a variety of constituents through multiple interaction points. Be it food, parking, conferences, bookstores, student centers, or other university programs and services, our members and their teams offer amazing solutions to students, faculty, staff, alumni, patrons, and guests. No matter your role, improving the student experience through services and programs is the goal we all share. This website will serve as an online entry point to NACAS East and NACAS resources.

I look forward to the coming year. We are traveling back to Boston after a long hiatus and we look forward to an amazing regional conference in June. The board will be focusing on delivering excellent in-person and virtual educational programs for current and prospective members in multiple locations as well as via on-line tools. Our goal is to develop and implement what you need or want so we encourage you to connect with us directly and tell us. Visit the East Leadership page to find a great connection point and share your ideas for educational content that’s important to you. The Board represents you and those on your campus and we want to be GREAT reps for your needs.

We also consider adding new members and reconnecting with past members a critical part of our mission. We want the association to grow and blossom. As East grows, NACAS grows, and more involvement brings new ideas, success stories, volunteers and more. We hope you’ll take time to reconnect or make new connections that count through NACAS programs, board members, business partners or other members. I can assure you that those on the board and others who are actively involved will share their ideas, expertise, and support when asked.

Last but certainly not least, we have lots of ways to get involved and for you to benefit from NACAS membership. You and your campus can host a program. On the Road events are an East staple and we plan to do 2-3 per year in addition to our conferences. This provides a wider cast for educational content for those who may not be able to travel for multiple days or longer distances. You can also attend great programs to learn best practices and more from the host institution. We also encourage you to apply for an educational grant and potentially be provided funding for the East Conference (East CX), the Annual Conference (C3X), or in support of the CASP program.

Thanks for the quick read. Remember…

  1. Connect with the Board
  2. Get involved – volunteer and present on a topic
  3. Attend a program
  4. Become an active member – make NACAS work for you
  5. Apply for grants
  6. Have fun with NACAS!

Once you get involved, I bet you’ll stay involved and eventually, you could become Regional or NACAS President. I know it worked for me and it can work for you too!

Thanks so much,

Jason A. Levy
Senior Director, Student Centers & Conferences – Temple University
NACAS East President – 2019-2020