Sponsor Advantages

Enjoy enhanced brand-building with targeted auxiliary service leaders who are genuinely interested in your solutions and ready to act.

A New Approach to Sponsoring

At NACAS, we understand that the traditional sponsorship approach is not working. So, as a Business Partner sponsor, we’ll curate attendee engagement opportunities that are custom-tailored to ensure that your investment delivers a high return.

Our staff will meet you where you are as a company to understand your organizational culture, leadership point of view, and business goals, and then use this intelligence to identify aligning NACAS initiatives you can get behind to boost your reputation and credibility in the minds of many.

Whether you are interested in year-round exposure or an opportunity to stand out at the C3X expo, NACAS sponsors enjoy the following advantages:

  • Amplified brand exposure in print, online, and in person
  • Deepened interaction with members at targeted NACAS events
  • Special access to member-centric data that can influence strategy
  • Opportunities to engage as thought leaders, on topics critical to campus enrichment
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities, providing platforms to create value

Contact NACAS to learn about the many ways you can participate as a Business Partner Sponsor, as well as explore new opportunities still waiting to be created!

“Sponsoring the Institute for Managers was an amazing experience. The opportunity to present a case study with one of our best higher education partners to 43 other professionals and intimately discuss how our services and solutions solve the problems of colleges and universities was invaluable.”

– Curtis Heldstab, Market Sales Manager, FedEx Office