Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What file sizes and formats are valid for logo upload?
A: Uploaded files should be fewer than five megabytes in size. Logo files should be 200×200 pixels in size, with a 1:1 aspect ratio.


Q: What file sizes and formats are valid for upload in ‘Company Information’?
A: Uploaded files should be PDFs fewer than five megabytes in size.


Q: How many characters fit in the Company About field?
A: 500


Q: What does “Undefined” mean for institutional members?
A: Department indicated without operating structure (self-op, hybrid, contracted) specified


Q: How do I change my BP Categories?
A: By selecting a predetermined category from list titled ‘Available,’ and then clicking the green arrow pointed right to move it to the list titled ‘Chosen.’ You may remove selected categories from the ‘Chosen’ list by selecting the category and clicking on the arrow pointed left to move it to the ‘Available’ list. You are limited to a maximum of 5 BP categories.


Q: How do resource library uploads get approved?
A: Uploads will be reviewed by NACAS staff within two business days of being submitted. Approval of uploaded resources are at the discretion of NACAS staff.


Q: What is a primary contact? Why is it me -or- somebody else?
A: Primary contacts are designees on the rosters of member organizations who have special access to control their membership roster and the extended profile information for their organization. Primary contacts can be designated through a number of means, such as: by former primary contacts, activity within the organization, and/or being the final decision maker when it comes to joining and remaining as a member of NACAS. In the event of new membership, the person who is the primary liaison between their organization and NACAS is often designated as a primary contact. Primary contacts could also be an assistant for one of the individuals listed above.


Q: Why aren’t my updates being captured?
A: Make sure that you’re saving profile updates by clicking the green ‘Save Profile Information’ button. There is also a ‘Save Extended Profile’ button to save updates to that information.


Q: Am I able to export my search results?
A: There is not a way to export data in the NACAS Marketplace by Institutional Members or Business Partners.


Q: I’ve noticed a lot of inaccurate information regarding my institution/company, and the individuals listed in the roster. How may I update this?
A: Some fields are editable by you, the user, whereas some are pulling from the NACAS database. These fields include:

  • BP: Company name, primary contact and their information, billing address
  • Institution: Institution name, FTE Tier, Institution Type, Region, Country, Is HBCU?, Is residential?, billing address, departments that fall into auxiliaries (this is an aggregate of information from all ACTIVE contacts on the roster)
  • A, cont: You may remove or add additional contacts to the membership roster by clicking the ‘Memberships’ menu in the main navigation on your profile. When on the ‘Memberships’ page, select the ‘Manage’ button to be sent to the roster page. Incorrect contact information tied to a contact who is not you must be edited by that user through their own profile.


Q: Why is my logo distorted?
A: Logos are displayed at 200×200 pixels. If your logo is of a different size or shape other than that 1:1 aspect ratio, the logo will appear distorted.


Q: What is the correct size for a slider image?
A: Slider images can be different sizes as long as they are square-shaped.


Q: How can the social media links (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) be updated for an institution?
A: You must be an institution’s primary contact in order to enter URLs for social media. Please collaborate with your institution’s primary contact in order to update this information.


Referral context: The referral option is only listed on the BP extended profiles as a way for our BP members to showcase successful partnerships with up to 10 NACAS institutional members.


Q: What is the purpose of referrals?
A: Referrals allow you (a Business Partner) to showcase successful partnerships at NACAS membership institutions. The referrals will be auto-linked to their corresponding institutional profile which will allow users to reach out to the primary contact and learn more about the relationship.


Q: Who can be listed as a referral?
A: Any NACAS member institutions, so long as they’re active.


Q: How do we know who institutional members of NACAS are?
A: You can use the Institution Exchange or you can type any part of a school’s name in the referral addition box. The list of members will be refined as text is added to the type box. Note that NACAS does not use abbreviations like Univ. or C.C. (CC)


Q: What if I want to list a school that isn’t a member?
A: Send the school’s name and contact to Director of Member Engagement, Jeffrey Tice, at


Q: How is the list of referrals managed?
A: By you, the user! Any member institution listed as a referral that doesn’t renew will be automatically removed.