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Recorded online events give NACAS members the advantages of customized, convenient education. Search for topics that are relevant to your needs, and digest course material at your own pace. Invite your auxiliary service colleagues to do the same! Press the control and F keys at the same time to open a search bar through your browser and enter a search term.

Webinar: The Digital Order Ecosystem: Building Better Experiences Together

Join us to explore the benefits of integrated partnerships between digital and automated technologies to improve dining experiences for students, while achieving optimal efficiency behind the scenes.

You’ll hear how these partnerships have helped dining programs create mobile-order only ghost kitchens featuring popular virtual brands, enhanced by secure, efficient order pickup through smart food lockers.

You’ll also learn how these technologies can provide valuable data insights that help foodservice operators pinpoint processes to enhance and refine for continuous improvement.

-Creative ways universities use mobile ordering and food lockers to expand and enhance dining options.
-How virtual brands and ghost kitchens create popular dining options that keep students dining on campus.
-How automation reduces inefficiencies and optimizes labor.
-How order pickup data can be used for operational planning and process improvements.

Ashley McNamara, Vice President, Global Marketing, Apex Order Pickup Solutions
Ben Anderson, Director, Campus Dining, Grubhub
Stephen Alexander, VP, Non Traditional Business, Virtual Dining Concepts

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Webinar: Improve Student & Visitor Parking Experience With a Pay to Park App (AMP)

Georgia Southern University’s Parking and Transportation Services team was looking for a way to improve the student and visitor parking experience with minimal cost. AIMS Parking offered a pay-by-plate app AMP (AIMS Mobile Pay) that we were able to implement on campus and more efficiently manage our visitor and time zone parking spaces throughout our campuses at minimal additional cost. In the first year (2021-2022 Academic Year), we had $77k in revenue with 158 spaces. We have since expanded that to almost 300 spaces in the summer and fall of 2022 we had $70K in revenue. Derrick and Kristi go over the process of implementing and how the AMP Park app can help your self-op, license plate recognition-based parking environment.
Georgia Southern – Key Facts: 26,000 Total Students (18k Statesboro, 5K Savannah, 3K online), 4 LPR Vehicles, virtual permit, eCitations, Pay by Plate (AMP), only surface lots, no parking decks.

Derrick Davis, Director – Parking & Transportation, Georgia Southern University
Kristi Bryant, AIMS Parking

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Webinar: Can Auxiliary Service be the Rave for Higher Education?

In the fourth installment of these annual Auxiliary Services webinars, where we discussed how AUX can Save, Cave, and Pave the way for higher education, our speaker returns and will discuss how auxiliary services can be the Rave for higher education. In this webinar we will discuss how auxiliary services provided can be the center piece for recruitment, retention, and much needed non-tuition revenue to support higher education. Through partnerships with Student Affairs, Residential Life, and Admissions, auxiliary services should be the centerpiece on the money walk for campus tours and a positive source for those social media and marketing campaigns.

William Guerrero
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Finance
University of Bridgeport

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Webinar: State Funded Grants – Engaging with your Communities

In the Spring of 2022, the University of Virginia leveraged foundation donations and grants to engage their community STREAMin3, a statewide program that provides early childhood education (ECE1) leaders and teachers with a comprehensive and high-quality curriculum package.
Join us to learn how they coordinated and implemented a program of this magnitude.

Leah Chilson, Logistics and Purchasing Manager, STREAMin3 Curriculum Project, UVA’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning
Donna Kuppers, FedEx Office

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Webinar: Automated Student Engagement: How Self-Service Tech Enables Accessibility and Accountability

Automated technology and self-service amenities are enabling college campuses to be more efficient for the administration, and accessible to students. Having this tech in spaces like student unions, residence halls, dining halls, and recreation centers also creates more opportunities for students to gather and engage with one another on campus grounds. This innovative self-service amenity engages students with an “always on” rental solution, adding significant value with minimal overhead costs or maintenance. In this webinar, RecRe and their launch partners from Emory University will share how RecRe helped enable 24/7 rentals in their Student Center, and how automated technology has improved their department’s efficiency.

Griffin Harington, CEO and Founder of RecRe
Ben Perlman, CASP, Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement at Saint Louis University
Paul Eleazer, CTS, Associate Director of the Student Center, Emory

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Canadian Virtual Roundtable: Food & Housing Insecurity

Join a panel of experts and senior ancillary leaders as they share the passion and desire to support students in need within their communities.
This discussion includes institutional structures within our ancillary units and the roles our services play with respect to identifying opportunities, supporting student success, moving from ideas to action, listening to the student’s story, internal areas of improvement, and more.

Mara Lowrey, CASP, Marketing & Communications Manager, Campus Services, Algonquin College
Andrew Parr, Associate Vice-President, Student Housing and Community Services, The University of British Columbia

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Webinar: Top 5 Trends in Campus Stores

Join NACAS members for a session full of great ideas for self-op and contracted campus stores across the country and beyond. Learn about in-store design trends, course materials, one-stop centralized auxiliary services, and more. You will leave this webinar with a pep in your step and excitement for the future of your own campus store.

Presented by Kara Bunde-Dunn EVP of Sales & Marketing, Slingshot

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Webinar: Kickstart your Creativity with Canva for Campus

This collaborative session focuses on the basics of Canva including how to find templates, use basic design tools, and ways to publish and share designs for marketing, business, and other auxiliary services. Learn tips and tricks, homepage navigation, and efficient workflow systems. Learn how Canva can spark creativity on your campus!

Mia Kagianis and Janice Wintermyer from Canva
Crystal Fantry and Matt Fasano from Riddle and Bloom

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Webinar: Mobile Ordering & Food Service Best Practices

Regardless of where you are in your mobile ordering campus journey, this session is for you. Join Ben Anderson, Director of Business Development at Grubhub, to hear how leading food service programs across the country are using technology to improve the student experience all while increasing operational efficiency. Learn best practices surrounding the implementation of mobile ordering, kiosks, delivery, robots, lockers, and other creative solutions. Walk away with a better understanding of the critical considerations driving innovation across campus dining and the food service industry as a whole.

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Webinar: Real Estate in Higher Education

Learn about real estate opportunities and options in higher education as Cody VanDorn shares the Cal Poly real estate story. Please bring your questions to the table through open discussions during this event.

Presented by Cody VanDorn, CEO, Cal Poly
Photo credit: Cal Poly

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Webinar: Secrets of an Award Winning Dining Program

Brandon Hendricks, CASP, Associate Director for Virginia Tech’s award-winning dining services program, shares secrets of the trade. Weaving in VT Dining Services’ story, he relays how to build a successful program with reminders that community is the key ingredient at the heart of it all.

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Virtual Roundtable: The Latest on Food Trucks

A NACAS roundtable discussion on all things related to food trucks moderated by Aaron Neilson, Director of Dining Services at the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. We discuss what’s trending, best campus placement, managing contracts/permits/revenue share, and more. We encourage you to bring your own questions and share your campus food truck expertise with others during this open discussion.

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This half-day, virtual program is for those who plan on taking the remote CASP exam. Attendees will get access to resources to help master content areas, tips for decreasing test anxiety, and will have the opportunity to bond with other auxiliary professionals who are on the path to certification.
Join key volunteers from the NACAS Certification Commission as the content outline is discussed, as well as an in-depth review of retired exam questions to understand key concepts and terms. Individuals with an open CASP application are eligible to join at no cost. All participation is welcome!

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Webinar: Exhibiting at C3X Expo 2022

Learn all the ways to build your booth, engage with the audience, and get the most out of your C3X 2022 experience! An exhibiting tutorial and best practices for in-person booths are discussed. Leave ready to partner with new campuses and strengthen current relationships.

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Webinar: Adopting Daily Rates: A University's Winding Road & Lessons Learned

The Transportation Services team at UC Davis took no respite from the COVID-19-induced reduced operations. Instead, they took the opportunity to invert the Campus Parking paradigm by UC Davis, developing and implementing a Daily Rate parking program that eliminates most monthly and annual permit options. Inverting the paradigm was not without challenges. The entire business model had to be entirely rethought and adapted. We describe this journey as a curved roadway. We have made several lane changes over the past year and one significant detour. Even still, UC Davis is still making adjustments and learning lessons.

Presented by:
Perry Eggleston, Executive Director, Transportation Services, UC Davis
Linda Braak, Director, Customer Care and Planning, UC Davis
Ramon Zavala, Transportation Demand Manager, UC Davis

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Coffee Chat: Informal Discussions About Auxiliary Services

Join folks from the Professional Development Committee for an informal chat about what is top of mind for auxiliary professionals. We will use this time to talk about what is buzzing in the NACAS Lounge and also ask you to bring any and all topics to the table. Questions about the future of parking and mobility on campus? Want to brag about your new idea for a hybrid Commencement? Come tell us! No question or idea is too big or too small to share. Coffee Chats will be scheduled quarterly so we can continue regular discussions throughout the year.

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Webinar: The Basics & Getting Buy-in for Green Event Planning and Execution

Learn about ASU’s green event planning process from Kelsey Gaude, Program Manager of ASU Zero Waste. You’ll leave with planning checklists, guidance on connecting with vendors, and strategies for how to get buy-in by empowering staff to practice sustainability in events through increased resources and cultural awareness.

Kelsey Gaude
Program Manager, Facilities Management & Zero Waste, Arizona State University

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Webinar: Commencement: Never the Same! A Case Study of 3 Institutions

Three very different institutions share how they plan and execute their commencement ceremonies.
This webinar examines locations, traditions, change management, institutional governance processes, town-gown challenges, and of course, weather accommodations! Look at lessons learned from the past two years and how institutions have adopted new and creative ways to recognize their graduating classes.

Megan Silvestri and Jody Soares, Brown University
Shana Green and Karen Sechio, University of Rhode Island
Patti Nolin and Kavinda Arthenayake, Rhode Island College

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Webinar: Getting Involved in a NACAS Volunteer Leadership Role

Volunteering for NACAS continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences members have shared in their tenure with this organization. Have you been interested in NACAS volunteer leadership but weren’t sure where to start? Join in on this educational session facilitated by representatives from the NACAS Board of Directors, NACAS Foundation, Regions, Committees, and Advisory Groups to learn more about the important role these volunteers have in supporting association activities and how to launch your journey as a NACAS volunteer. Hear from volunteers on what has been most meaningful for them in their service to the Association, and understand the various opportunities to help you determine what interests you most!

Presented by Emily Messa, CASP, NACAS At-Large Board Member, University of Houston

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Webinar: AI in the Cereal Aisle: Transforming the Campus Grocery Experience

Convenience is a top priority for GenZ consumers, making the business case for autonomous grocery stores pretty easy. The potential for labor savings and revenue generation are making it a must-have conversation for your campus retail strategy. Join Sodexo’s Vice President of Digital Innovation Kevin Rettle, along with a panel of colleagues from AiFi and University of Denver to better understand what it takes to get an autonomous strategy for your campus that transforms campus life and increases revenue for retail on campus.

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