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The benefit of engaging in a live online event is the ability to ask questions and contribute to a collaborative dialogue. The delivery of course material may spark areas of curiosity that you can address with content leaders in real time or during the question & answer segment of the event.

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Webinar: Weathering the Storm - University of Houston Style
February 21 | 3:00pm ET

Neil Hart, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, University of Houston
Esmeralda Valdez, Executive Director of University Services, University of Houston
Emily Mesa, Assoc. VC/VP, Administration, University of Houston

A journey of University and Auxiliary Services as they endured and helped their campus recover following a national disaster. This webinar will address the importance of communication, business continuity planning, and partnerships with internal and external stakeholders during large and small campus emergencies.

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Webinar: The Future of College Stores
February 27 | 3:00pm ET

Lorelle Davies MBA, CCR, CASP, Director of Auxiliary Services, Pikes Peak Community College
Jared Ceja, Director - Bookstore Division, 49er Shops

Successful college bookstore are responding to the dynamic changes in course material delivery while managing Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The future of textbooks, digital content, and what operating models work right for your campus is more complex than ever before. This is an opportunity to participate at a high level industry trend overview.

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Webinar: Improving Throughput in Dining Operations with Self-Order Kiosks
March 7 | 2:00pm ET

There are many places on campus where lines can form. Some lines just can’t be helped, but lines in your dining areas can. Imagine your students selecting food options, placing orders, and making payments without the help of dining staff. Not only would this dramatically decrease your students’ wait time, but you’d be able to serve more students more efficiently. Discover how schools like yours increased throughput, significantly shortened lines, and increased revenue using self-order kiosks in dining operations.

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Webinar: Clienteling: Beyond Customer Service
March 15 | 12:00pm ET

Clienteling is a technique used by commission based retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchases. Clienteling does not specifically apply to a sales person or a sales type of environment. All organizations could benefit from implementing these simple tactics into the culture of their business. Creating a better overall happiness at work for both the employee and the patron, or the teacher and the student.

There are a number of tactics and practices used to achieve this goal - tune in to learn more!

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Webinar: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Campus Partners
April 4 | 12:00pm ET

Join Rikki Turner and Dr. Thomas E Bunton from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as they share tips and experiences for navigating difficult conversations with business partners. Whether you need to address performance deficiencies or terminate a contract, this webinar will prepare participants with best practices for identifying problems, preparing for the conversation, addressing the issues, and following up on the desired outcomes.

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Webinar: Navigating NACAS: How to Make the Most of Your Membership
April 10 | 2:00pm ET

Join Corey Salem, Director of Member Engagement of NACAS, and NACAS Membership Committee volunteers as we explore the breadth of your NACAS membership and all that it has to offer. From reviewing benefits to discussing future benefit launches, this webinar will serve as your A-Z, soup to nuts guide to making the most of your NACAS membership. Learning outcomes: NACAS members will develop a deeper understanding of their NACAS membership and the benefits that come with it.

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Webinar: University of Houston Farmers Market - A Case Study
April 26 | 3:00pm ET

Lauren Ross and Michael Mendoza of the University of Houston will discuss their institution’s farmers market and how to leverage campus partnerships to overcome challenges. This webinar will provide a case study on planning, implementing, generating revenue, and connecting with local businesses to bring a farmers market to the campus community and further a commitment to sustainability and wellness.

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Webinar: Summer Series: Emotional Intelligence, Part 1: Self Awareness
May 10 | 2:00pm ET

Join NACAS CEO Kelsey Harmon Finn as she dives into what distinguishes great leaders from good ones using Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence skills as her guide. The summer is a great time to reflect on the school year and look forward to what lies ahead. What can you bring to the table this fall that will make this year better than last?

There are five components to Emotional Intelligence that help maximize performance and assist in helping you live life in the flow. Through understanding, practice, and persistence you can build upon and strengthen each of the five components to be a better leader.

The first of this five-part summer series will focus on self-awareness: knowing one's strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and impact on others. Join in to see how you can enhance your skills, making this year better than the last.

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Virtual Roundtable: Road to CEO
July 26 | 3:00pm ET

Join Kelsey Harmon Finn as she chronicles her journey from what she thought she would be to NACAS CEO. As she shares, we encourage you to reflect on your own journey - what are your setbacks and challenges? What decisions did you make along the way? What advice do you have for others? In a society where men typically dominate executive positions, how can we empower young women to become great leaders? Spend time listening and discussing why words and every interaction matter. Kelsey will share her experience and provide insight to these questions as she dives into her story, the Road to CEO.

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