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The benefit of engaging in a live online event is the ability to ask questions and contribute to a collaborative dialogue. The delivery of course material may spark areas of curiosity that you can address with content leaders in real time or during the question & answer segment of the event.

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Webinar: Reducing Costs With Improved Results: A Conversation with Dr. Dan Krane
September 25 | 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Dr. Dan Krane from Wright State University

Join Barnes & Noble and Wright State University as the following topics are discussed:
-How to maintain a high quality of education, while making education affordable
-Adopting an Inclusive Access model for course material delivery
-How Wright State University addressed the challenge and is leading the way

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Webinar: Making the Most of your First C3X Experience
September 26 | 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Corey Salem, Director of Member Engagement at NACAS

Your official guide to helping you make your first NACAS C3X a successful event. Topics to include first-year tips from a second-year attendee, how to network and meet other professionals, planning your attendance at professional development sessions, making the most of your time in the expo hall and with business partners, and highlights of must-attend activities.

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Virtual Roundtable: Prepping for CASP - Management
October 4 | 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Dr. Ben Perlman, CASP, University Center Director from Emory University

Don’t be overwhelmed when preparing for CASP! Whether you are gearing up to take the exam at C3X or are simply looking to gather more resources about the process, we are here to ease your test anxiety. There are numerous tools available to you to prepare, but we realize that sometimes you need a little face-time with those that have been through the process before. Join us as Ben Perlman, CASP gives a quick overview on the Management component of the exam and then opens up for Q&A.

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Webinar: Food Insecurity, the Silent Struggle Impacting Student Success
October 11 | 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Dawn Aubrey, Associate Director of Housing for Dining Services at the University of Illinois

41 million people or 1 in 6 struggle with hunger daily in the United States. Hunger is an epidemic that knows no bounds and is present in every community, including higher education communities. In 2016 a national survey was conducted to determine the number of college and university students personally experiencing food insecurity. The survey results indicated that 1 in 5 students did not have reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable nutritious food.

Food insecurity is a growing public health problem for college students, with significant potential for adverse effects on both physical and mental health functioning. Food insecurity is defined as limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways due to a lack of money or other resources and is reported to have increased among the general US population as a result of the Great Recession.

This webinar documents the ongoing initiative by the University of Illinois to eradicate food insecurity issues for our students. This webinar will provide the skills necessary for all higher education professionals to effectively identify at risk student populations on college campuses and programming that will positively impact the success of students faced with food insecurity. By actively addressing food insecurity issues, educators can ensure that the only hunger faced by today’s students is the hunger for knowledge.

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Virtual Roundtable: Enriching Your Member Experience
October 25 | 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Corey Salem, Director of Member Engagement at NACAS

How can NACAS help you source impactful resources and solutions that you can bring home to your campus? Join us in an interactive conversation as staff and members discuss how you can build your own unique membership experience through use of benefits like the Marketplace, attending events like C3X, and volunteering at the regional or national level. This virtual roundtable will focus on all areas of participation, including networking, education/certification, research, collaboration, and leadership.

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Webinar: Gender-Inclusive Housing
November 8 | 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Jennifer Garvin, from Housing and Food Services, and Brian Patchcoski, from Student Affairs, from The Pennsylvania State University

Gender-inclusive housing has become an important initiative fostering comfort, acceptance, safety, and inclusion on our college campuses. Jennifer Garvin, Housing and Food Services, and Brian Patchcoski, Student Affairs, from The Pennsylvania State University will discuss the journey of implementing gender-inclusive housing and address specific questions, including, but not limited to: How did it start? What is currently offered and available within the housing structure? What additional resources around sexual and gender diversity have been considered for students? and What has been the impact on the student experience? Join us in discussing best and emerging practices, lessons learned, and on-going improvements to better the student experience and enhance our living and learning environment.

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Webinar: Communicating through Crisis: Lessons Learned from a Norovirus Outbreak
November 13 | 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Jessica V. Kolis, CHES Communications Manager for Health & Well-Being at the Georgia Institute of Technology

"Be First. Be Right. Be Credible.” - CDC. Communicating during an outbreak of illness on campus is complicated. You must communicate quickly, accurately, and be transparent in order to gain your campus community’s trust. In this session, you will dive into an outbreak of unknown gastrointestinal illness at Georgia Tech that occurred in October 2017. Explore the tools used during the outbreak, lessons learned, and new protocols that have emerged since. As a former communication specialist contractor at CDC, Jess will also share her knowledge and experience to help you begin developing your own campus public health crisis plan.

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