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The benefit of engaging in a live online event is the ability to ask questions and contribute to a collaborative dialogue. The delivery of course material may spark areas of curiosity that you can address with content leaders in real time or during the question & answer segment of the event.

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Webinar: Beer, Food, and Education: Three Distinct Revenue Streams in One Package
June 20 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Aaron Neilson, Director of Dining Services at California State Polytechnic University - Ponoma

The mission of most auxiliary enterprise operations includes the support and success of our respective student populations. Measuring our impact on student success can be a nebulous thing, and we tend to fall back on the easily measurable financial contribution we provide to the institutions we serve.

In this webinar, we will explore the measurable learning outcomes from a student success perspective of Innovation Brew Works, the first educational brewpub operated by students on a college campus. In doing so, we will also explore new revenue streams for enterprise operations in partnership with the university extension.

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Virtual Roundtable - Professional Development through NACAS
June 21 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Corey Salem, Director of Member Engagement at NACAS

No question is too big or too small for this roundtable! Interact with NACAS' Director of Member Engagement and the volunteer Membership Committee to learn all about the many member benefits that are designed to keep your auxiliaries running smoothly! From downloading RFP templates or job descriptions to connecting with members of a similar institution type, size, and more, we will discuss what tools are at your disposal and help attendees navigate the unfamiliar benefits that are just waiting to be put to use. We will be taking questions ahead of time to prepare an agenda for the roundtable, so don't hesitate to let us know what you'd like to hear about!

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Webinar: How to Conduct a Self-Study of Auxiliaries
June 26 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Daniel Bureau, PhD, President-Elect of the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS), & Neil Markley, Associate Vice-President for Administration and Finance at Sonoma State University

There are a number of ways to conduct a self-study, including the new CAS Multifunctional Frameworks Assessment, which allows you to pull from a range of sets of standards to avoid having to do several separate self-studies. Typically, a department will conduct a self-assessment, examining evidence they collect to determine the extent to which they are aligned in the practices highlighted in the standards. However, it can be difficult to feel confident in a self-study without understanding best practices of how to develop both accurate, actionable, and reliable findings for the institution. Come learn about how to align your programs with standards, the use of the Multifuctional Frameworks Assessment, and how to conduct self-assessment and program review using the CAS Standards.

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Webinar: Swipe It Forward - Engaging Campus Partners to Reduce Meal Insecurity
July 2 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Ginnie Dunleavy, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services at Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) room and board matches a dining plan to the type of housing a student resides in. These plans range from unlimited meals (required in first year housing), to plans that consist of varying combinations of meal swipes and dining points. Approximately half of our undergraduate students and most Graduate students live off campus, giving them the option to downgrade or opt out of meal plan altogether. Occasionally, this results in students finding themselves in a position where they do not have the resources or time to obtain a meal. While this issue is not easy to track solely from a dining standpoint, our Campus Partners' interactions with students often put them in a position to know which students may be in need. "Swipe it Forward" is a temporary assistance program created by RISD Dining that empowers Campus Partners to provide free meals to students who have come to them for help. Learn how meals are donated to the "meal bank", how this program functions using CBORD menu management system, and how valuable this collaborative effort has been for areas such as Residential Life, Counseling Services, Financial Aid, Public Safety, the Dean's Office and Health Services on the RISD campus.

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Webinar: Alternative Revenue Stream Through Unused Residence Halls
July 10 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Rita Houg, Assistant Director of Conference & Guest Services at University of Missouri

When faced with a surplus of residence hall rooms and no immediate need for usage, the University of Missouri developed a program where suites could be rented for weekend intervals to visiting family members or guests. This program became popular for athletic events, family visits, and campus-hosted events, providing guests a safe and convenient place to stay while earning additional revenue for the university. The ability to rent residence hall rooms can be adjusted depending on vacancies and enrollment, making the program fairly easy to implement when needed and withdrawn when student activities are higher per semester/ year. Learn how University of Missouri created the program, leveraged the necessary staff to upkeep the rooms for guests, and the successes found through the innovative new program.

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Webinar: Conference & Event Services Business Model Assessment
July 11 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Daniel Dykstra, Director of Conference Services at University of Colorado - Boulder

Consideration of the financial environments our departments operate under is essential. Understanding and defending a conference and event services operation’s role related to an institution's financial bottom line and other desired returns is a second critical step. So, how do these operations ensure they are maximizing and communicating a desired return?

Attendees will hear simple yet deliberate steps for reviewing a conference and event services business model, its various components, and the processes and priorities which drive how the operation makes a significant impact at an institution. Attendees will have opportunity to consider strategies to review activities that will produce daily and breakthrough operational results, make any necessary sustainable adjustments, and create metrics designed to assess and report on outcomes.

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Webinar: Impacting Student Success by Combating Food Insecurity
July 18 | 2019 1:00pm ET

Presenters: Dr. Anthony DeSantis, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Florida International University, & Joanna Garcia, Associate Director for the Center for Leadership and Service at Florida International University

The rise of food insecurities across college campuses can affect the success of college. Participants who attend this webinar will better understand how developing a student food pantry can positively influence students on an academic and social level. Presenters from Florida International University’s Division of Academic and Student Affairs will share how the student food pantries meet student’s basic needs and increase retention rates. This presentation will also include the history of student food pantries at Florida International University, student success assessment plans, building collaborative partnerships, and developing a sustainable pantry program.

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Webinar: Digital Bookstores: Using Social Media to Drive Sales Date
July 30, 2019 | 2:00 PM

Presenter: Matt Radcliffe, Digital Strategist at Pikes Peak Community College

Auxiliary Service Marketing Professionals have the unique opportunity to use social media to drive sales within new or existing campus federations. E-Commerce is growing to be a bigger and bigger field, with most students preferring online shopping rather than the traditional brick and mortar operations. Come learn how to better utilize social media for advertising your campus brand, communicating promotions, and increase overall revenue. We will share resources around media kits and digital marketing strategies utilized by other E-Commerce companies, as well as the data supporting their benefits.

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Webinar: Move Your RFP From a C to an A+! 5 Things You Can Do TODAY
August 1 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Jake Smithwick, Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte

The RFPs we use today are often borrowed from our friends or found circulating online. These are great ways to help ensure success, but how good are they, really? We reviewed and graded hundreds of RFPs and there is a common theme. Our multi-university study found that the most successful contracts simplified the selection process, restructured the interviews to focus on project execution, and instituted performance metrics. Attendees will walk away with tools that can immediately be used to improve their dining services, beverage/pour, print services, mail rooms, and other RFPs.

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Webinar: Attitude Impacts Mindset - Student Success Through Mentorship
August 8 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Melvine Walker, Director of Marketing & Communications at Old Dominion University

This webinar will focus around how auxiliary service professionals can serve as mentors for students and help contribute toward their success. Student success is crucial toward the overall mission of every college or university and working in auxiliaries offers an opportunity to directly impact student futures. Changing student thinking through Attitudes, Aptitudes, and Altitudes is key to enriching their time on campus and ensuring that they are exposed to the tools needed to improve their personal, social, economic (financial wellness), academic/career (Major Track: Finish in 4). Come learn about this holistic approach toward auxiliary mentorship and how Old Dominion University has built federations across departments to work toward this goal.

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Webinar: Breaking Down the Buzzwords - Mental Health, Well-Being, and Self-Care
August 13 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Jessica Kolis, Communications Manager, Health and Wellbeing at Georgia Tech & Stacy Connell, Senior Director, Health Initiatives at Georgia Tech

Mental health and well-being are hot topics on every college campus and many colleges and universities are making them institutional priorities. The conversations usually involve buzzwords like flourishing, thriving, self-care, and well-being, but what do those terms really mean to you and your everyday work? In the first half of a two-part series, we will set the stage. You will learn the significant state of student and employee mental health and well-being for students and employees, explore the impacts of well-being on culture and morale, and strategies to optimize your personal and professional well-being.

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Webinar: Auxiliaries' Power to Combat Food Insecurity
August 14 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Marina Macomber, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs at Northeastern University & Chong Kim-Wong, Ed.D., Senior Director of Student Affairs Operations at Northeastern University

41 million people or 1 in 6 struggle with hunger daily in the United States. Hunger is an epidemic that knows no bounds and is present in every community, including higher education communities. In 2016 a national survey was conducted to determine the number of college and university students personally experiencing food insecurity. The survey results indicated that 1 in 5 students did not have reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable nutritious food and many institutions are struggling on how to combat this issue.

Northeastern University recently piloted the innovative program 'Swipe2Care,' an initiative created as a collaboration between the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Affairs and Dining Services. A significant number of students have utilized the program and it continues to grow and improve as student awareness of the program grows. Come learn about how the Northeastern team realized the need for the program, what implementation required, and lessons learned during this pilot year.

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Virtual Roundtable: How Race and Identity Impact Our Work
August 21 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenters: Dr. Victoria Farris, Founder of Farris Consulting and Kelsey Harmon Finn, NACAS CEO

Join Dr. Victoria Farris, Kelsey Harmon Finn, and a panel of NACAS members as they discuss how women of diverse backgrounds can build each other up in the workplace. Kelsey and Victoria will facilitate a conversation with the panel on how their own experiences related to workplace bias and the impact it has had on their work and success. You’ll have your chance to participate in the discussion and ask questions!

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Webinar: Cultivating a Culture in Auxiliaries that supports Mental Health and Well-Being on Campuses
September 10 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenter: Jessica Kolis, Communications Manager, Health and Wellbeing at Georgia Tech & Stacy Connell, Senior Director, Health Initiatives at Georgia Tech

All campus units play a role in encouraging and promoting mental health and well-being on campus. However, figuring out exactly what role your unit plays and your pathway for incorporating these concepts into your department culture can be difficult. In the second half of this two-part series, you will learn how auxiliary services impacts culture and explore how to lead your department through a well-being lens.

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Webinar: Iowa GROW®: Creating a High-Impact Student Employment Experience
September 18 | 2019 3:00pm ET

Presenters: Teri Schnelle, Associate Director for Assessment and Strategic Initiatives at University of Iowa & Sarah Hansen, Associate Vice President, Division of Student Life at University of Iowa

Iowa GROW® (Guided Reflection on Work) uses brief, structured conversations between student employees and their supervisors to help students connect the skills and knowledge they are gaining in the classroom with the work they are doing, and vice versa. Iowa GROW® is focused on making student employment a "high-impact activity," one that requires students to reflect on their learning and connect their learning within and beyond the classroom. During this webinar we will discuss how student employment can enhance student success, provide an overview of the Iowa GROW® initiative and outcomes, outline how you can implement GROW® with your student employees, and share other strategies beyond GROW® that can help organizations build a learning-centric student employment experience.

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Webinar: Best Practices on Trademark Licensing
September 25 | 2019 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Christy Rabil, Marketing, Trademarks, and Licensing Manager at Virginia Commonwealth University & David Atkins, Director of Licensing, Marketing, and Administration at George Mason University

All institutions have an opportunity to develop a strong brand, regardless of scope and size or even athletic presence. Developing this brand in the retail market is important to maximize brand awareness and royalty growth. The brand presented externally impacts how your institution is perceived and remembered. In this competitive environment, effective branding will assist in attracting new students, faculty/staff and donors as well as elevate school spirit among alumni, students, and fans. Come learn how to organize a trademark licensing program on your campus if existing frameworks don't exist and hear recommendations that would help create a successful program.

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