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The benefit of engaging in a live online event is the ability to ask questions and contribute to a collaborative dialogue. The delivery of course material may spark areas of curiosity that you can address with content leaders in real time or during the question & answer segment of the event.

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Webinar: Engage, Recover, and Grow Relationships Into Tomorrow with Starbucks Licensed Stores
January 26, 2021 | 2:00 p.m. ET

Aaron Koransky, Vice President US License Store Business Development, Strategy, and Operations
Scott Ahmed, Brand Manager CA License Store and Partnership Marketing
Marc Chappron, Director US License Store Strategy and Programs
Raffaela Oeler, Senior Project Manager, US Energy and Sustainability

In today’s ever-changing landscape, Students are looking for familiarity, comfort, and convenience from the establishments they frequent while attending a College or University. Centennials, more than other demographics, are leaning into experiences and brands that provide these attributes, while also providing technology-focused innovation and solutions.

Starbucks has and continues to be the brand that provides a “Third Place”. We define third place in a variety of ways today; more than ever before, as North America moves through a global pandemic. Our focus is to explore and share how Starbucks is creating the experience and convenience needed today; while understanding and solving for future demands. Innovation, Mobile Order and Rewards parity, and Sustainability will all be shared through the lens of engaging students today and preparing/growing for the future. Join us for an informative hour through the lens of the coffee experience we are creating for you our customers.

Questions will be gathered throughout the presentation and we will respond to each following the webinar.

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Webinar: Risk-Taking in Times of Uncertainty
January 27, 2021 | 3:00 PM ET

Presenters: Dr. Eric Monday, Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, University of Kentucky & Dr. Kirsten Turner, Vice President for Student Success, University of Kentucky

Higher education is not known as an industry that takes risks. We operate in an environment where the largest costs -- human capital -- are largely fixed, we have limited ability to control price, and we have so many constituencies - students, faculty, staff, public, policymakers, donors, fans, alumni - that they are too numerous to list all of them. COVID-19 has added another twist to higher education and institutions are grappling with bottom-lines and projections that might further stress and complicate how to successfully move forward.

However, now more than ever, it’s time to remember what is at the core purpose of our efforts. Even in tough times it's crucial to take risks that put students, staff, and community first. We know this is easier said than done. To help get you thinking about how to better adopt these principles, join this webinar to explore strategies for taking appropriate and managed risks in higher education.

Dr. Eric Monday, Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, at the University of Kentucky will shed light on both institutional and personal examples of risk-taking, including the how and why, and lessons learned from these experiences. Dr. Kirsten Turner, Vice President for Student Success, at the University of Kentucky will bring in a detailed student perspective.

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NACAS Canada Predictions: 2021
1/28/2021, 3:00 PM EST
2/3/2021, 3:00 PM EST
2/10/2021, 3:00 PM EST

Presented by the NACAS Canadian Committee and facilitated by Andrew Parr, Associate Vice President, Student Housing, and Community Services at the University of British Columbia

Every January many of us wonder what the new year will bring in terms of business development and professional opportunities. This year the answers to these questions are more unknown than ever, no matter which ancillary area you work in. To help us prepare for 2021, the NACAS Canadian Committee has brought together three sets of industry leaders in the areas of Housing, Food, and Retail Services. In each session of this unique three-part webinar series, campus leaders will present their predictions for 2021, discuss each, and have an interactive discussion with all participants.

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Virtual Roundtable: Alternative Revenue Streams
January 29, 2021 | 1:00 p.m. ET

Moderator: Sid Mehta, Sr. Director, Ancillary Services at Simon Fraser University

Many higher education institutions count on their auxiliary services to bring in revenue. But with many programs needing to be canceled or severely cut back, some bottom lines were not met, leaving schools to face heavy decisions. Furloughs, layoffs, and pared-down services have affected the student experience, staff, and surrounding community. If you have still been tasked with finding ways to come up with ways to make up for lost revenue, you are not alone. Join a roundtable discussion, moderated by Sid Mehta of Simon Fraser University who will facilitate discussions on alternative revenue streams. See what innovative ideas others have for typical money-making services like housing, dining, and bookstore, and be sure to share your own.

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NACAS East Webinar: Trends in Auxiliary Services for 2021
February 2, 2021 | 3:00 PM ET

Presenters: Cheryl Fabrizi, Assistant Vice President of Housing and Food Services at Penn State University; Ken Toong, Executive Director of Auxiliary Series at University of Massachusetts; Cindy Glavas, Director of Auxiliary Services at William and Mary

Join our presenters as they look back at 2020 a year filled with unexpected challenges and suggest how it may inform new opportunities in 2021. With every new year comes a new arrival of trends, changes and innovations. This will certainly be a year like no other. Our senior auxiliary services leaders will share with us new initiatives that their institutions are doing and what they predict will be the trends for Residential and Retail Dining, Catering, Vending, University Bakeries, Hotels and Conference Centers, Bookstores, Printing Operations, Child Care Centers and Transportation Services. This session will include an opportunity for questions and answers. You don’t want to miss this webinar!

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Webinar: Discover a New Approach to Performance Management
February 11, 2021 | 3:00 PM ET

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Lee, Chief Human Resources Officer and Adjunct Associate Professor (Human Resource Management) at William & Mary

Millennials, remote staff, frozen annual merit increases, changing priorities, and uncertainty are among the challenges facing organizations at this time. Today's dynamic work environment deserves management tools built for the 21st Century. Employees may be rightfully concerned, challenged, and fatigued. The best approach to leading people now is to support them, boost their confidence, and help them focus on the highest priorities, thereby increasing productivity and retention. Traditional appraisals can tear down employees, induce fear, and create negative or adversarial work relationships.

Dr. Christopher Lee will present a new performance management approach built upon a sound theoretical foundation and that has been successfully practiced for over a decade at organizations large and small around the world . You can adopt this framework to regulate and enhance the performance of your staff, as well as enable your team to reach their full potential.

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Webinar: Surviving 2020 and Beyond: Success Stories Leveraging Smart Campus Technologies
February 23, 2021 | 3:00 PM ET

Presenters: Christopher O'Brien, Executive VP at Parcel Pending by Quaient; Rob Zinsky, Director: Business Development (Higher Education) at Parcel Pending by Quadient; Michael Koziej, Senior Associate Director, Campus Living at University at Buffalo; John Overberger, Director of Businesses Services at Rollins College

Campuses across the country have had to quickly innovate and adapt to distribute goods safely and efficiently across campuses. This webinar introduces an expert panel who will share their success stories in instituting “smart campus” technologies that provide value to the student experience, preserve enrollment, and even help generate potential revenue streams.

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Webinar: Washington Update - Impact for Higher Education
March 10, 2021 | 3:00 p.m. ET

Presenters: Presenters: Richard Hershman, Vice President of Government Relations National Association of College Stores & Megan Schneider, Senior Director, Government Affairs of National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)

Megan Schneider (NACUBO) and Richard Hershman (NACS) are back to give a federal policy update on what to anticipate with administration changes and 2021 agendas as it relates to higher education.

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Webinar: How Clemson is Taking Campus Transit Past the Pandemic
March 30, 2020 | 1:00 p.m. ET

Presenters: Austin Just Stanion, Senior Solutions Engineer at TransLoc & Dr. Kat Moreland, Senior Associate Director for Parking and Transportation Services at Clemson University

Campus transportation is a vital resource to universities and their students. Beyond serving as a connection to campus and the world of experiences outside of it, transit service allows universities to understand how their students are navigating their grounds, providing valuable insight into how they can make campus better and safer. In the wake of COVID-19, campus transit adopted an entirely new meaning, one that’s rooted in maintaining public health first and foremost.

Whether universities have decided to go remote during the fall semester or they’re testing the waters with a mix of virtual and in-person classes, transit plays a vital role in the fabric of those institutions. Clemson University is an example of a university that’s made the decision to host remote classes during the fall of 2020, but that doesn’t mean transit will play any less of a role in their planning process compared to those universities that are overseeing active on-campus transportation during the fall 2020 semester.

In this session, Austin Just Stanion, Senior Solutions Engineer at TransLoc will join Dr. Kat Moreland, Senior Associate Director for Parking and Transportation Services at Clemson University will come together to discuss how universities, particularly those that have made the decision to remain remote, are looking at campus transit as a means to optimize opportunities for students in a post-pandemic environment.

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