Boards and Committees

Year-round NACAS volunteer leadership will show you what’s behind-the-curtain of our organization, engage you in the specific issues of the time, and ask you to co-create value for fellow members.


Lead Year-Round

Many of our fondest offerings have been developed by volunteers including our best practice resource guides, C3X content, and field-altering research programs. We invite you to do what you can as NACAS volunteer. If that means working on a committee for a one-year term and communicating virtually, then that’s great. If it means filling a multi-year seat on a board and traveling to make strategic leadership decisions, then that’s great too! Nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the following volunteer positions on either the national or regional level.

Call for Volunteers is now open! We are accepting submissions for volunteer role vacancies for next year. The deadline to submit is July 1 for Board Positions and August 19 for Committee Positions. You will be notified of your status by early October.

NACAS Committees

As a volunteer-driven association, NACAS relies heavily on the expertise and time of those who serve on standing committees. Behind-the-scene tasks are critical to the execution of any program or event. Much of the work is accomplished via monthly conference calls and an in-person meeting onsite at the C3X Annual Conference & Expo!

NACAS Board of Directors

The NACAS Board of Directors is the governing body for the Association. The Board meets regularly to provide strategic and financial oversight and direction to the CEO, who manages NACAS on behalf of the Board.

Become involved on the NACAS National Board to collectively guide strategic operations and influence where our Association is going.

NACAS Foundation Board of Directors

The NACAS Foundation Board of Directors is the governing body for the NACAS Foundation. The Foundation’s directors are appointed and work closely with the NACAS Board of Directors to establish the Foundation’s goals and objectives.

Become involved on the NACAS Foundation Board of Directors to help set the agenda that funds industry scholarships, financially supports students, provides research funds, supports new industry professional development programs, and supports the CASP certification.