Regional Boards & CX Conferences

The four NACAS regions – Central, East, South, and West – exist to deliver localized value to members and Business Partners through opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate.


Extend Your Leadership as a Regional Volunteer

Regions are powered by volunteers and they share equally in the ongoing success of NACAS, contributing at all levels to its leadership. NACAS members enjoy automatic inclusion in the region where their institution is located. Every region produces an annual CX conference that is specially designed to offer targeted education, intimate interactions, and up-close exposure to real-life campus service solutions that have been successfully implemented.

Visit the regional pages to learn more about specific leadership and volunteer opportunities.

Regional Boards

Regional Boards support the mission of NACAS by offering extended, accessible, and regionally-relevant value to members through a suite of programs designed to foster professional development, facilitate a cherished network of colleagues, and cultivate collaboration. This is the perfect opportunity to nurture high-return relationships, enjoy intimate interactions, and develop your leadership skills.

Regional CX Conferences

In addition to C3X, held annually in October or November, each of the four regions hosts an annual CX conference in the spring and summer.

Producing CX is no small feat. It takes the collective energy of volunteers who are passionate about the power of in-person experiences and signature moments. Each year, our event volunteers pull through to pull these moments off for the masses. Their behind-the-scenes work makes the value of NACAS come alive and is nothing short of rewarding. Use your charm and stage presence to introduce keynote speakers or greet and gift attendees with awesome SWAG. There are many ways to join in on the fun.