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NACASTODAY - June 2019

Apply for the Campus Care Grant!

Each year, millions of students from all backgrounds plan to call their college or university their ‘home away from home.’ Their safe place. Their community where they belong and where they can easily access everything they need to explore interests, focus academically and grow personally. Yet, for many students, even their basic needs are not being fulfilled, resulting in widespread issues like homelessness, food insecurity, and poor mental health. That’s where the Campus Care Grant comes in: to advance campus initiatives designed to overcome barriers that are stunting student success.

The Campus Care Grant awards up to $25,000 annually to programs or services that support student achievement by addressing a basic need of students on campus, such as housing, food, mobility, safety, academic resources, and counseling. The NACAS Foundation developed the Campus Care Grant to expand the level of support campuses can provide to students through service delivery. Apply today!


Award nominations due Friday!

On your campus, you and your colleagues work hard to break new ground, implement innovation, and achieve success. Now it is time to honor these achievements by nominating yourself or someone you know for a NACAS award. Your nominations make our community a better place and ensure excellence is promoted. Learn More

This year’s nominations window closes Friday, June 21, 2019.

Just to sweeten the deal, the first 30 people to nominate themselves or a peer for an award will be mailed a Starbucks gift card! Gift cards will be sent by July 31. Nominate today!


Become a next-level leader at the Institute!

Institute for Leadership & Management | July 19-21, 2019 | Chicago, Illinois

Inviting campus auxiliary service leaders working at management and director levels with oversight responsibilities. Take the next step to develop your career in auxiliaries and understand the organizational politics and collaborative leadership involved with managing multiple operations. Build confidence and practice important leadership skills that will help improve productivity, profits, and overall campus experiences. Learn how to better understand Gen Z, giving them the tools they need to train and develop student employees for success. Discover innovative tips and tricks for creating a culture of customer service within every department on campus that improves efficiency and increases customer satisfaction. Learn More

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