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NACAS Announces New Website, New Brand, and New Conferences

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (June 1, 2017) – Today, NACAS (National Association of College Auxiliary Services) unveiled a new website with a complete rebrand, introducing not only a new look but also a renewed commitment to the higher education community it serves.

As part of a nine-month collaborative process, NACAS worked directly with nearly a quarter of the total membership to redefine, refocus, and reframe the value of the organization. This process resulted in realizing new pathways for future industry growth of the non-academic segment of higher education responsible for supporting student hospitality through campus auxiliary services—such as food services, bookstores, housing, and transportation.

“This isn’t just about a new logo or a new color palette,” said NACAS CEO Kelsey Finn. “With a critical eye, we looked at how we can better bring together higher education auxiliary service executives and business partners to the benefit of both, and ultimately, to those they are committed to serving – the students. The impact of our industry extends beyond a business transaction. We have the capability to improve campus life and contribute to student success, as well as offset the cost of education with new funding sources and increased operational efficiencies. Our members are doing this right now and it’s time we prove it and elevate the conversation.”

In addition to the overall strategic plan for the organization, the rebrand initiative also focused on the format of the annual and regional conferences.

“One of the notable and exciting outcomes of the rebrand is the launch of C3X, our reimagined annual conference and expo scheduled for this November, and corresponding regional events taking place this summer,” said NACAS President Diane Reynolds. “These events will be a platform for auxiliary service executives and business solution providers to co-create innovative campus commerce solutions while building off of and informing NACAS research. Our volunteer leadership team and staff are busy bringing many new initiatives to life that professionals in our industry have been asking for. It’s an exciting time for NACAS.”

The branding initiative was led and facilitated by the Alexandria, VA-based firm Mekanic. “We enjoyed engaging so many members and staff in the strategic and creative phases of rebuilding the NACAS brand,” said CEO Erik Hansen. “This participation was essential in reaching identity and story solutions that authentically communicated a powerful position and unified voice for the organization.”


To learn more about C3X, view registration details, and see the current lineup of speakers, visit:


Founded in 1969 as the National Association of College Auxiliary Services, NACAS is a professional trade association that supports the non-academic segment of higher education responsible for generating business through a diverse array of campus services that students need and value – such as food services, bookstores, housing, and transportation. As the leading organization supporting all campus services, NACAS is the community-of-choice for strategic leaders who advance campus environments to improve the quality of life for students.